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I joined this crazy place on 2009-03-19, 12 years ago.

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Facebook help please?? - 12 years ago

Also anything you post on FB becomes property of FB. Check your user agreement. It is not yours anymore. I'm pretty sure they took that away, shortly after changing it to that.... just b/c t...

10/2: Insanity is as insanity does - 12 years ago

hmmm.... otr, inviting people out? Sounds like something's up to me....

Pregnancy question - 12 years ago

Wish you the best of luck SSP! Kitten17-- I'm glad your little ones are still doing well! I'm sure it's tough on the whole family. My daughter and I keep the little ones in our prayers at night ;)

Pregnancy question - 12 years ago

I've been told that pregnancy aches/pains, etc get worse with every child. I actually thought that the majority of my pains have gotten better with each pregnancy. lol... the only one I can ...

i need your opinion - 12 years ago

Lol.... no, she wasn't walking.... but she got in and out of it just fine! Both of my kids did GREAT with moving from their cribs to beds. To be honest... that was when we found out we were pregnant w...

Pregnancy question - 12 years ago

So... I'm curious what ya'll experiences are with Braxton Hicks? I had preterm contractions with one of my kids starting at about 27 weeks and I had braxton hicks around the same time with my other on...

i need your opinion - 12 years ago

I moved my daughter into a toddler bed at nine months and a twin bed at two. I moved my son into a toddler bed at one, though I think we are going to get him a twin bed before he turns two.... only b/...

Where did it go? - 12 years ago

Yes! lmao.... I don't remember us having a confrontation, if we did, it must not have been anything big.... and a Clydesdale? C'mon! lmao... first of all.... yes, that would be one big piece, but I ha...

Where did it go? - 12 years ago

No, no power trip. That's the kind of stuff that "they" tell me to delete.... not to mention the fact that I opened it when my two year old was laying next to me.... so, yeah. Not for her eyes to see....

Army Wives, frustrated!! - 12 years ago

Thanks Sara ;)

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