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I joined this crazy place on 2009-05-01, 13 years ago.

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I'm 20 and married to my amazing soldier. My only baby is my gorgeous pitbull. I am a model && I am from NY. Go ahead and hate ;] It will only make me smile. Peacee yooooo ♥

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Joining Army Advice/info wanted - 12 years ago

I believe it is for some jobs. A friend of ours went to an Airborne unit, now he is airborne. he didn't do anything but put on a maroon beret. It is not automatic, no. Also, if you don't...

hmm, hmm, hmmm.... - 12 years ago

Nope, but I know people who have done it. Pretty sad...

Another Man Fashion Pffft - 12 years ago

Baggy fringed khaki shorts.. that go way past the knee. Then to top it off they always seem to adjust their nuts every five steps... and a backwards ball cap Sexy, if you know ...

Shipping pets from Okinawa-LAX - 12 years ago

Forget it, I called the Vet.

Shipping pets from Okinawa-LAX - 12 years ago

What do they do with your dog during the time they are in quarantine? They sit in their crate that long? Because they are not going to be able to take my dog in and out of his crate...

I hate the Yankees - 12 years ago

Harlem Cool.

I hate the Yankees - 12 years ago

NYC. Where are you from? Bronx, Yonkers & parts of Westchester.

I hate the Yankees - 12 years ago

I have to hear it at home from the husband. Where in NY is he from? :]

MV - 12 years ago

F*ck that b!tch, I'll stab her in the eye with a strapon. Lmao. (NOTHING AGAINST MV!!) I just thought it was a funny statement :]

What ethnic group do you hate the most? - 12 years ago

^^ Same here! We leave in less than a year so I am hoping we get there soon!

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