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I joined this crazy place on 2009-01-11, 14 years ago.

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Furminator eh? I don't think so... LOOK! - 13 years ago

I thought somebody posted the wrong pic by accident again. Slightly disappointing.

Question about stored cars - 13 years ago

The pick up point was in Orlando and then it was shipped somewhere else (in GA I think) for storage. If they will agree to pull it, they'd bring it back to Orlando for pick up. FL is where I would be ...

Question about stored cars - 13 years ago

Do I have to ERD before the military will pull my car from storage? I'm not planning to ERD but I am going home for a month or so and would prefer to have my car over a rental. I wouldn't have a probl...

Cars? - 13 years ago

The JCI is an inspection you have to do every two years. It includes your Japanese insurance. Then there is road tax every year in May and your American insurance once every year.

Cars? - 13 years ago

We are selling a skyline, just JCId in November, so it's good until Nov 2011. I don't want to spam the post though so message me if you're interested.

ANOTHER idiot... - 13 years ago

Haha.... and probably the customs personnel were tipped of by the WTF? name of "Donyae".  profiling at its best. Now I want to ship PB and see if I get the "customs opened your crap" paper l...

Super-High Alcohol Beer Heads to the U.S. - 13 years ago

At $50-60 per 11.something ounce bottle, I doubt some kid will pour it into a bong lol

B.O.B. - 13 years ago

I love CKs secrets. I didn't know they were online though. I'll check that out for sure. We used to hit CKs every time we went home.

Unfair Child Support Laws - 13 years ago

It's unfair yes, but the state has a duty to the child to not leave it as basically a bastard. If the husband signed the birth certificate, he's legally obligated to support the child even if it's not...

advice please - 13 years ago

I'd say get married if the time is right. That way when he gets out and you move back, you can have a good savings account set up so you can get a house, etc. If he would rather wait or just doesn't w...

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