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I joined this crazy place on 2009-01-14, 13 years ago.

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I am a 20 year old Army Wife from MN! I am leaving here in October and moving to Ft. Bliss :) I can't wait!

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*AHEM!* - 12 years ago

so we totally flew together today!! I dont know if i know who you are though... :)

POLL: TMO weight - 12 years ago

we have an 8000 lb limit and all we have is a bed and a couch... otherwise everything is clothes and stuff like that. I doubt we wll even be close!!

Tattoo Thread - 12 years ago

What does that mean its the Kanji for love :) I really like the way it looks and its has a good meaning too!

If this is what I THINK it is... - 12 years ago

They are like 300 brand new I think... At least at the one in the mall of America. But still 200 used is a bit expensive!!

What kind of wife are you? - 12 years ago

It's always confused me because it's seriously 3 steps from the washing machine serioulsy my husband does the same thing! we have a basket in our room for dirty clothes and he ALWAYS puts hi...

I'm Beat...Dying....>l - 12 years ago

I haven't done anything! I am putting my clothes in vaccuum sealed bags and I am hoping they won't make us unpack that! Its going to be like 2 months before I unpack all that stuff though and I don't ...

Stars & Stripes - 12 years ago

or else we would pay him in quarters and he would look at me all crazy!

Stars & Stripes - 12 years ago

I honestly dont have 3$ I used to do that all the time haha we NEVER had cash when it was time to pay him... so I just didn't answer the door :P

Huh? - 12 years ago

yeah we got to come home at like 3! Its all better :)

Tattoo Thread - 12 years ago

I want this!!! on my shoulder blade... or my ...

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