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So Tired

I joined this crazy place on 2009-03-17, 13 years ago.

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Does anyone know??? - 12 years ago

Comb lemon juice through her hair and spend some time in the sun. Otherwise there is also hydrogen peroxide (the kind you would use on cuts).


I'm from the North & I'd like to think I'm a pretty nice person. :o) BUT I also grew up in a small town, so maybe that has something to do with it. Unfortunately the only Southerner that sticks out...

Cheating bastard! - 12 years ago

Wow...this thread took my whole morning up. LOL. Thank goodness my agenda has ZILCH on it. ;) Oh yes, I'm rather enjoying the munchkin playing outside with Grandpa! :o)

Cheating bastard! - 12 years ago

I guess where I am coming from is, you took vows with your significant other and not the one they cheated on you with. The other person does not have an obligation to you. If you want to blame some...

Cheating bastard! - 12 years ago

But if you worked it out, is your family "ruined? I bet you are even stronger together now than before. I was referring to the OP's statement. To me it sounds like she's done completely wi...

Cheating bastard! - 12 years ago

We may be sawing a donkey? hahahaha

Cheating bastard! - 12 years ago

I can understand a letter, but trying to ruin their career is a little over the top for me. Personally if in that situation, I would report it for reasons stated earlier, but I wouldn't be...

im so excited!! - 12 years ago

don't let her play with it too much before the plane. if she is like mine the new wears off and then it's no longer the quiet ditto to that! we bought my son a portable dvd pl...

Cheating bastard! - 12 years ago

Where did it get you? I have been in a similar situation before I was married and being vindictive got me NO WHERE. All it did was make the situation worse and not once did it heal the pain of betr...

Suck Circle is Awesome - 12 years ago

My friend once had someone parked in his space at the towers so he blocked them in. When they came to his house to ask to leave he said "I leave for work at 0530." and closed the door. Seriously ma...

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