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I joined this crazy place on 2009-09-06, 11 years ago.

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Sweet, yet tough. I am a people person for the most part. I hate immature people! I can joke and have fun but not all the time. Other than that, I'm good to go!

latest comments

Is it ok to take your baby to the movies? - 11 years ago

infants shouldnt be in theatersunless they are near an exit due to the need for a fast and discrete exit in the event of crying, lol. jmo X2

wow, kinda sad - 11 years ago

boys are always more aggressive towards animals than girls.

wow, kinda sad - 11 years ago

yeah, i would have to intervene as well...IMO, that kid needs his @ss spanked.

I hate... - 11 years ago

my daughter has decided all the cool kids get up at 6 now. thats cute...every kid goes through that though:)

I hate... - 11 years ago

mine will be home around 11ish

I hate... - 11 years ago

oh yea it is...i don't have to worry about dead grass though

Superstitions - 11 years ago

we always wished on 11:11.

I hate... - 11 years ago

is he working?

I hate... - 11 years ago

This f'n Oki weather...grr.

I thought this was awesome!! - 11 years ago

yea, thats pretty good.

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