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I joined this crazy place on 2009-12-07, 12 years ago.

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christmas gift??? - 10 years ago

[i]One to play, one to read, one to save and one I think you need :) [/i] Pretty much this, we do want, need, wear, read. Plus pj's on Christmas eve and little things in your stocking.

Rant about SAHM's - 10 years ago

Well I totally agree with OP. I would love it if everyone in the world went out of their way to make my life as easy as possible. As far as brat kids misbehaving, there will always be brat kids an...

MUIFA - Typhoon Plum Blossom - 10 years ago

[i] Just good old fashioned common sense effecting the most important people in the AF! [/i] Well he's attached to a Navy bn so there's not a whole lot of common sense.

MUIFA - Typhoon Plum Blossom - 10 years ago

[i] That's the bottom line right there, people are upset about having to do their DAMN JOB. Lazy people that have nothing better to do than b! tch and complain. [/i] It wouldn't be annoying if the...

Anyone with base appliances. - 10 years ago

Mine is the same as Mr. God

What concerts have you been to in your lifetime thus far? - 10 years ago

The Beach Boys (I was 8 and John Stamos came out to play drums and I about died with excitement) Dixie Chicks Michelle Branch Tim McGraw x2 and Faith Hill Puddle of Mudd Dashboard Confessional ...

White Beach Cabins? - 10 years ago

Nevermind, found a youtube video.

Implanon Insert (birth control) - 10 years ago

[i]i had friends with bad experiences with Nuva ring, all manner of pills, depo shots, Mirena, the copper IUD.... every body is different, and everyone experiences every single type of birth control d...

White Beach Cabins? - 10 years ago

Do they come with linens? There's hardly any info on them online. Are they just like the Oura Wan cabins?

Which off base housing are better? - 10 years ago

Look at the apartments/houses online if you can. We found the prices on the list that housing gave us were inflated compared to what they list them as online.

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