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POLL: What do YOU think?

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POLL: What do YOU think?

So, my sibling and I are pondering what my other half is. What do you think? This is just for fun :). Our mother is Caucasian. I will post photos. Sorry if they are huge.. But what do YOU think? We all have different fathers. Brother is half Fillipino, Sister is half Hispanic. Mother didn't ever tell me if she knew who my paternal father is.. not that she could.. I was adopted, and she passed before I found her. Me Striaght Hair Photobucket Me and Siblings Photobucket Mother (couuldn't tell where I got my hair from could you.) Photobucket Two of Me with curly hair :) Photobucket

Fillipino Vote
 3.2% (1)
African Vote
 93.5% (29)
Hispanic Vote
 3.2% (1)
Other(please list below) :) Vote
 0.0% (0)
LizzyB --- 13 years ago -

Could Be. my hair is not like most African American's though... their's is thick and doesn't move. LoL. Mine is just like my B-Moms.. All interesting.. Haha, my hubby said Puerto Rican to. LoL. He said because of my booty and attitude. LoL 

Meaty --- 13 years ago -

Ithink half black or some kind of hispanic 

Rescue101 --- 13 years ago -

My friends kids are half white/half black. They have the same type of skin tone as you... and they're hair looks african but is very soft like you said yours is. That would be my guess.... half african. 

Alyssa --- 13 years ago -

You are a beautiful girl! You and your sister share the same nose :) If I had to take a gander, I would have to agree with most everyone else, african-american/hispanic and white. I would be curious of my heritage too. Do you know your father's last name? I was raised without my father and wasn't able to get information easily about his background. My husband and I did a family tree online and I found out that my ancestors are mostly from Ireland on his side of the family. It was pretty neat, maybe you could do something similar? 

LizzyB --- 13 years ago -

Naw, My sister and I found letters and there was one our Mom wrote to a guy named Maurice talkin about me kicking, but he could have been a freind... No clue on anything on paternal side. My grandma says my sister and I look a lot like out Mom but that I look most like her when she was little. 

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