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Oh, I hope OHOP's ...

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ChiTownGrl --- 8 years ago -

Yeah we went last weekend and the wait time for food was horrible. We never go there if we are in a hurry. 

Blue fuzzy creature --- 8 years ago -

They are always horrible. They know they will get their business whether they have good service or not. 

Casey --- 8 years ago -

i have a certain waitress i happen to think does a fine job.

my wait time has never been that bad at chilis... i'm just lucky. 

Blue fuzzy creature --- 8 years ago -

I sure hope they aren't as dirty as those comments on Okinawa Hai. I was also un aware they were shut down by the health department as some one on there said. If that's the case, DAMN! 

afriendindeed --- 8 years ago -

Chili's service, what service? One person seats you, one person takes your order, two others bring your food and then someone returns with the bill. The wait time for food is on average 30 mins, regardless of time. We always gets our appetizers with our meals, they can't seem to get it right..we now go to Chili's Too..not as big of a food selection, but service and wait time is so much better! 

Nicole --- 8 years ago -

The wait time for food is on average 30 mins, regardless of time.

Drive me insane! We can go in an just order salads and it takes as long as when we order something like fajitas. How hard is it to put a salad together?!?! 

Blue fuzzy creature --- 8 years ago -

One person seats you, one person takes your order, two others bring your food

It has been like this every time with us. 

Krystle --- 8 years ago -

Drive me insane! We can go in an just order salads and it takes as long as when we order something like fajitas. How hard is it to put a salad together?!?!

The food is divided into sections, Fry, grill, salad. depending on how busy each section is at the time varies by when your order will be out.
BTW, Fajitas are almost always going to be the fastest because the meat is usually pre-cooked. :) All they have to do is chop the meat, add peppers and onions and toppings. It will take some time though if they run out of meat and have to cook some more or so I'm guessing. 

yourmomdotcom --- 8 years ago -

I tried Ohops last weekend and I thought it was fine. Nothing spectacular but not terrible either. Prices were reasonable- but then again I didn't get the steak either. 

yourmomdotcom --- 8 years ago -

Chili's service, what service? One person seats you, one person takes your order, two others bring your food and then someone returns with the bill. The wait time for food is on average 30 mins, regardless of time. We always gets our appetizers with our meals, they can't seem to get it right..we now go to Chili's Too..not as big of a food selection, but service and wait time is so much better!

Chili's too blows my mind with the fact that they can't ever bring out the meals together if you have more than one person there. Plus everyone seems to think it's "romper room" and let their kids run wild. If people are going to inflict their children on the public, they should at least teach the kids how to act. 

linyuanyuan --- 3 years ago -

But his face had gone stiff with rage. He walked through to the parlour, then he walked back and out of the ralph lauren pas cher house again. Her heart sank. Very swiftly she tory burch outlet online began to make his tea.

He went black-hearted down the road to Ilkeston. When he was in this wedding dress state he never thought. A bolt shot across the doors of ferragamo shoes his mind and shut him insanity workout in, a prisoner. He went back to Ilkeston, and drank abercrombie and fitch a glass of beer. What was he going to do? He did not want to see anybody.

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But replica watches it was about time to go home. He had better catch a train. All the time there was a steady bruise at the bottom of his soul, but so steady as to be forgettable. He caught a train for Ilkeston.

It was ten o?clock as iphone 6 case he was mounting the hill to Cossethay, carrying his limp book on Bamberg Cathedral. He had not yet thought of Anna, not definitely. The dark finger pressing a bruise controlled him thoughtlessly.

Anna had started guiltily when he left the house. She had hastened preparing the tea, hoping he would come back. She had made some toast, and got all ready. Then he didn?t come. She cried with vexation and disappointment. Why had he gone? Why couldn?t he come back now? Why was it such nike air max a battle between them? She loved him-she did love him-why couldn?t he be kinder to her, nicer to her?

She waited in distress-then her mood grew harder. He passed out of her thoughts. She had considered indignantly, what right he had to interfere with new balance outlet her sewing? She had indignantly refuted his right to interfere with her at all. She was not to be interfered with. Was she not herself, birkin bag and he the outsider.

Yet a quiver of fear went through christian louboutin shoes her. If he should leave her? She sat conjuring fears and sufferings, till she wept with very self-pity. She did not know what she would do if he left her, or if he turned against her. The thought of it chilled her, made her desolate and hard. ralph lauren And against him, swarovski uk the stranger, the outsider, the being who tiffany and co jewelry wanted to arrogate authority, she remained steadily fortified. Was she not herself? How could one who was not of her own kind presume with authority? She knew she was immutable, unchangeable, she was not north face pas cher afraid for nike air max her own being. She was only afraid of all that was not herself. It pressed round her, it came to her and took part in her, in form of her man, this vast, resounding, alien world which was not herself. And he had so many nike free weapons, he might strike from so many sides.

When he came in at the door, his heart was blazed with pity and tenderness, she looked so lost and forlorn and young. She glanced up, afraid. And she was surprised to see him, shining-faced, clear and beautiful in his movements, as if he were clarified. And a michael kors outlet online sale startled pang of fear, and shame of herself went through her.

They waited for each other to speak.

?Do you want to eat anything?? she said.

?I?ll get it myself,? he answered, not wanting her to serve him. But she brought out food. And it pleased him she did it for him. He was again a bright lord.

?I went to Nottingham,? he said mildly.

?To your mother?? she asked, in a flash of contempt.

?No-I didn?t go home.?

?Who did you go to longchamp outlet see??

?I went to see nobody.?

?Then why did you go to Nottingham??

?I went michael kors outlet online because I wanted to go.?

He was getting angry that she again oakley rebuffed him when he was so clear and shining.

?And who did you see??

?I saw nobody.?


?No-who should I see??

?You saw nobody you knew??

?No, I didn?t,? he replied irritably.

She believed nike air force him, and her mood became cold.

?I bought a book,? he said, handing her the propitiatory volume.

She idly marc jacobs handbags looked at the pictures. Beautiful, the pure women, with their clear-dropping gowns. Her heart sac vanessa bruno became colder. soccer jerseys What did they mean to him?

He sat and waited for her. She bent over the book.

?Aren?t they nice?? nfl jerseys he said, his voice roused and glad. Her blood flushed, but she did not lift her head.

?Yes,? she said. In spite of herself, she was compelled by him. He was strange, attractive, exerting some power over her.

He came over to her, and touched her delicately. Her heart beat with guess pas cher wild passion, wild raging passion. But she resisted as yet. It was always the unknown, always the unknown, and she clung fiercely to her known self. But the rising flood carried her away.

They loved pandora charms each other to transport again, passionately nike free pas cher and fully.

?Isn?t it more wonderful than ever?? she asked him, radiant like a newly opened flower, with tears like dew.

He held her true religion jeans closer. He was strange and abstracted.

?It is always more wonderful,? she asseverated, in a glad, child?s voice, remembering her fear, and not quite cleared of it yet.

So it went on continually, the recurrence of love and conflict between them. One day it seemed as if everything was shattered, all life spoiled, ruined, desolate and laid waste. The next day it was all marvellous again, just marvellous. One day she thought she would go mad from his very nike air max presence, the sound of his drinking was detestable to her. The next day she loved and rejoiced in the way he crossed the floor, he was sun, moon and stars in one.

She fretted, baseball bats however, at air max last, over the lack of stability. When the perfect hours came back, her heart did not forget that they would pass away chi flat iron again. She was uneasy. The surety, the surety, north face jackets the inner surety, the confidence in the abidingness of love: that was what she wanted. And that she did not get. She knew also that he had not got it.

Nevertheless it was a marvellous world, she was for the most part lost in the marvellousness of it. Even her great gucci handbags woes were marvellous to her.

She could be very happy. And she wanted to be happy. She resented it when he made her louboutin unhappy. Then she could kill him, cast him out. Many days, montre femme she waited for the hour when he would be gone to work. Then timberland shoes the flow babyliss of her life, which he seemed to damn up, was let loose, and she was free. She was free, she was full of delight. Everything delighted her. She took up the rug and went to shake it in the garden. Patches of snow were on the fields, the air was light. She heard the ducks ray ban uk shouting on the pond, she saw them charge and sail across the water as if they were setting off on an invasion of the mont blanc pens world. She watched the rough horses, one of which was clipped smooth on the belly, so that he wore a jacket and long stockings of brown lancel fur, stand kissing each other in the wintry morning by the church-yard asics shoes wall. Everything delighted her, now he was gone, the insulator, pandora uk the obstruction removed, the world was all hers, in connection with her.

She was joyfully active. Nothing pleased her more than to hang out the longchamp pas cher washing in a high wind that came full-butt over the round of the hill, tearing the wet garments out of her hands, replica watches making flap-flap-flap of the waving stuff. She laughed and struggled and grew angry. But she loved her solitary prada handbags days.

Then he scarpe hogan came home at night, and she knitted her brows because of some endless mcm handbags contest between them. As he stood in the doorway her heart changed. nike free It steeled itself. The laughter and burberry outlet online zest of the day disappeared from vans her. She was stiffened.

They fought an unknown battle, unconsciously. soccer shoes Still they were nike trainers in love with each other, the passion was there. But the passion was consumed in a battle. And the michael kors canada deep, fierce unnamed battle went on. Everything glowed intensely about them, the world had put off its clothes and was awful, with new, primal nakedness.

Sunday came when the strange spell valentino shoes was cast over her by him. Half she loved it. She was becoming more celine handbags like him. All the week-days, there was a glint of sky and fields, the little church seemed to babble away to the cottages the morning through. But on Sundays, kate spade outlet when he stayed at home, a deeply-coloured, intense gloom seemed to gather on the face of the earth, the church seemed to fill itself with shadow, to become big, a universe to her, there was oakley vault a burning of blue and ruby, ray ban pas cher a sound of worship about polo ralph lauren her. And when the doors were opened, and she came out into the world, it was a world new-created, she stepped into the resurrection of the world, her heart beating to the memory of the darkness and the Passion.

If, as very often, they went nike outlet to the Marsh for tea on Sundays, then she regained another, lighter world, that had hermes pas cher never known the gloom and the stained glass and the ecstasy of chanting. Her husband was obliterated, she was with her father again, who was so fresh giuseppe zanotti and free and all daylight. Her husband, with his intensity and his darkness, was obliterated. She left him, she forgot him, she accepted her father.

Yet, as she went home again with the young man, she put her coach outlet store online hand on his arm tentatively, a little bit ashamed, her hand pleaded that he would not hold it against her, her recusancy. But he was obscured. He seemed to become blind, as if he were not there with her.

Then she was afraid. She wanted him. When he was oblivious of her, she almost went mad with fear. For she had become so abercrombie and fitch vulnerable, so exposed. She was in touch so intimately. All things about her had become intimate, she had known ray ban outlet them near and lovely, like presences hovering upon her. What if they should all go hard and separate again, standing coach outlet back from her terrible and distinct, and she, having known them, should be at their mercy?

This frightened her. Always, her husband was to her the unknown to which she was delivered up. She was a flower that has been hollister tempted forth into blossom, and cheap oakley sunglasses has no retreat. He had her nakedness in his power. And who was he, longchamp what was he? A blind thing, a dark force, without knowledge. She wanted to preserve herself.

Then she gathered him to herself again and was satisfied for a moment. But as time went on, she began to realise more and air jordan more that he did not alter, coach outlet that he was something dark, alien to herself. She had thought him just the bright reflex of herself. As the weeks and months went by she realised that he was a dark opposite to her, that they were opposites, not complements.

He did not alter, he remained separately himself, and he seemed to expect her to be part of himself, the extension of his will. She felt him trying converse to gain power over nike air max her, without knowing her. What did he want? Was he going to bully her?

What did she want herself? She answered herself, that she wanted to be happy, to be natural, like the sunlight hollister canada and the busy daytime. And, at the bottom of her soul, she felt he wanted her to be dark, unnatural. Sometimes, coach outlet when he seemed like the darkness covering and smothering her, she hollister revolted almost in horror, and struck at him. She struck at him, and made him bleed, and he became wicked. Because she dreaded him and held him in lululemon outlet online horror, he became wicked, he wanted to destroy. And then the fight between them was polo ralph lauren outlet cruel.

She began to tremble. He wanted to impose himself on her. And he began to shudder. She wanted to desert him, to leave him a prey to the open, with the unclean dogs of the darkness setting on to devour him. He must beat her, and sac michael kors make her stay with him. Whereas she fought to keep herself hollister free of him.

They went their timberland ways now shadowed and stained with blood, feeling the world far off, unable to give help. Till she began to get tired. After longchamp a certain point, she became impassive, detached utterly from him. He was always ready to burst out murderously against her. Her soul got up and left him, she went her way. Nevertheless in her michael kors uk apparent blitheness, that made his soul black with opposition, she trembled as if jordan shoes she bled.

And ever and again, the pure love came in sunbeams between them, when she was like a flower in the burberry pas cher sun to him, air max pas cher so beautiful, so shining, so intensely dear that he could scarcely bear it. Then as if his soul had six wings of bliss vans pas cher he stood absorbed in chaussure louboutin praise, feeling the radiance from the Almighty thomas sabo uk beat through him like a pulse, kate spade outlet online as he stood in the upright flame of praise, transmitting oakley pas cher the pulse of Creation.

And ever and longchamp handbags again he appeared to her ray ban as the dread flame of power. Sometimes, when he stood in the doorway, his face lit up, he seemed like an Annunciation to her, her heart beat fast. And she watched him, suspended. He had a dark, burning being that she dreaded and resisted. She was subject to him as to the Angel of the Presence. She waited upon him and juicy couture outlet heard his will, and she trembled red bottom shoes in nike roshe run his service.

Then all this passed away. Then he loved her for her childishness and for her strangeness to him, for the wonder ralph lauren of her soul which was different from his soul, and which made him genuine when he would be false. And she loved him for the way he sat loosely in a chair, or for the way he came through a door with his face open and eager. She loved his ringing, eager voice, and the touch of the unknown about him, his absolute simplicity.

Yet neither of them was quite satisfied. He felt, somewhere, that she did not respect him. She only respected him as far as he was related herve leger to herself. For what he was, beyond her, she beats headphones had no oakley sunglasses care. She did not care for what he represented in himself. It is true, he did not know himself what he represented. But whatever it was she did not really honour it. She did no service to his jimmy choo shoes work as a lace-designer, nor to himself as bread-winner. Because he went down to the office and worked every day-that entitled him to no respect or regard from her, he knew. Rather she despised him for it. And he almost loved her for this, though at first it maddened him like an insult.

What was much deeper, she soon came to combat his deepest feelings. What he thought about life and about society and mankind did not matter very much to her: he was right enough to be insignificant. This was again galling to him. She would judge wedding dresses beyond bottega veneta him on these things. But at length he came to accept her judgments, discovering them as north face jackets if they were his own. It was not here the deep trouble lay. The deep root of his enmity lay in the fact that she jeered at his soul. He was inarticulate and stupid in thought. But to some things he clung passionately. He loved the Church. prada outlet If she tried to get out of him, what he believed, then they were both soon in a white rage.

Did he believe the water turned to wine at Cana? She would pandora jewelry drive him to the thing as a historical fact: so much chanel handbags rain-water-look at it-can it become grape-juice, wine? For an instant, he saw with the clear eyes of the lacoste pas cher mind and said no, his clear mind, answering her for a moment, rejected the idea. And immediately his whole soul was crying in a mad, inchoate hatred against this violation of himself. It was true for him. His mind was extinguished again at once, his blood was up. In his blood and bones, he wanted the scene, the wedding, the water brought forward from the firkins as red wine: and Christ saying to His mother: ?Woman, what have I to do with thee?-mine hour is not yet nike roshe come.?

And then:

?His mother saith unto the servants, ?Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.??

Brangwen loved it, with his bones and blood he loved it, he could not let it go. Yet she forced him to let it go. She hated his blind attachments.

Water, natural water, could it suddenly and unnaturally turn into wine, depart from its being hollister and at haphazard take on another being? Ah no, he knew it was wrong.

She became again the palpitating, hostile child, hateful, putting ray ban sunglasses things to destruction. He became mute and michael kors handbags dead. His own being gave him the lie. He knew it was so: wine was wine, water was water, for ever: the water had not become wine. The miracle was not a real fact. She seemed to be destroying him. He went out, dark and destroyed, his soul running its blood. And he tasted of death. Because his life was formed in these unquestioned concepts.

She, desolate again as she had been when she was a child, went away and sobbed. She did not care, she did not care whether the water had turned longchamp outlet online to wine or not. Let him believe it if he wanted to. But she knew she had won. And an ashy desolation came michael kors outlet online over her.

They were ashenly miserable for some time. Then the life began to come back. He was nothing if not dogged. He thought again supra shoes of the chapter of St. John. There was a great biting pang. ?But thou hast kept the good wine until now.? ?The best wine!? The young man?s heart swarovski jewelry responded in a craving, in a triumph, although the knowledge that it was not true in fact bit at him like a weasel in his heart. Which was stronger, the pain of true religion outlet the denial, or the desire for affirmation? He was stubborn in spirit, and abode by his desire. But he would not any more affirm the miracles as true.

Very well, it was not true, the water had not turned into wine. The water had not turned into wine. But for all that he would live new balance pas cher in his soul as if the water had turned into wine. For truth of fact, it had not. nike blazer pas cher But for his soul, it converse pas cher had.

?Whether it turned into wine or whether it didn?t,? he said, nike roshe ?it doesn?t bother me. I take it for what it is.?

?And what is it?? she asked, north face quickly, hopefully.

?It?s the Bible,? he said.

That answer enraged her, and she despised him. She did not actively question the Bible herself. But he drove her to contempt.

And yet he did not care about the Bible, the written letter. Although he could not satisfy her, yet she knew of herself that he had something real. He was not a dogmatist. He did not believe in fact that the water turned into wine. He did not want to make a fact out of it. Indeed, his coach purses attitude was without criticism. It was purely individual. He took that which was of value to him from the Written Word, he added to his spirit. christian louboutin outlet His mind he let sleep.

And she was bitter against him, that he let his mind sleep. That which was human, belonged to mankind, he would christian louboutin not exert. He cared only for himself. He lululemon outlet was no Christian. Above all, Christ had asserted the brotherhood of man.

She, almost against herself, clung to reebok shoes the worship of the hollister clothing human knowledge. Man must die in the body, but in his knowledge he was immortal. Such, somewhere, was her belief, quite obscure and unformulated. She believed in the omnipotence of the human mind.

He, on the other hand, blind as a subterranean thing, just ignored the human mind and ran toms outlet after his own dark-souled desires, following his own tunnelling nose. She felt often she must gucci suffocate. And she fought him off.

Then he, instyler ionic styler knowing he was blind, fought madly back again, frantic michael kors outlet store in sensual fear. He did foolish things. He asserted himself on his rights, he arrogated the old position of master of the house.

?You?ve a right to do as I want,? he cried.

?Fool!? she answered. mulberry uk ?Fool!?

?I?ll let you know who?s master,? he cried.

?Fool!? she answered. ?Fool! I?ve known my own converse shoes father, who could put a dozen of you in his pipe and push them down with his finger-end. Don?t I know what a fool you are!?

He knew himself what a fool he was, and was flayed by the knowledge. Yet he went on trying to steer the ship of their dual life. He asserted his position as the captain of the ship. And captain and ship bored her. He wanted to loom important as master of one of the innumerable domestic craft that make up the great fleet of society. It seemed to her a ridiculous armada of karen millen tubs jostling in futility. She felt no belief in it. She jeered at him as master of the house, master of tiffany jewelry their dual life. And he was black with shame and rage. He knew, with shame, how her father had been a man without arrogating any authority. 

huangqihang --- 3 years ago -

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zhengjx --- 3 years ago -

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xiaojun --- 3 years ago -

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leilei3915 --- 3 years ago -

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