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silvana --- 13 years ago -

but is so nasty...i need good weather... 

MaryVon --- 13 years ago -

Mhh..that sucks, I thought it was actually nice..nicer? Im locked up here with my baby trying to make him fall asleep.. 

Caitlin --- 13 years ago -

it looks all gloomy. Im still in my PJs curled up on the couch reading a book. This is GOOD book weather:) 

LizzyB --- 13 years ago -


Caitlin --- 13 years ago -

ALL THE DOGS FROM PUPPYLUV, PETBOX, OPF, ETC ARE PUPPY MILL PUPPIES! Yep! knew that which is WHY i didnt buy a puppy from any of those places. One of my cats was rescued from oaars and the other from the side of the road and my golden retriever was given to me by a lady off of OYS. 

Jamie (Sake's momma) --- 13 years ago -

I love my puppy mill dog. o.0 I fell in love with her. I am still in love with her. I know they have strays in the states and dogs that are treated badly.. but like I said I see it everyday here- I didn't there. I actually go buy food for some of the strays around my house. I feel so bad for them :'( 

lilmama --- 13 years ago -

You all know that those ads are for the store just outside gate 1 called PuppyLuv, not only do they overprice their dogs, I know 4 people who have bought overpriced dogs from there and they have died! They should be reported to legal in my opinion I have also heard SOOO many bad things about Puppy Luv! I would NEVER buy an animal from them! 

Jamie (Sake's momma) --- 13 years ago -

I have heard bad things about puppyluv also. petbox seems to be the best out of the 3. imo 

Paul --- 13 years ago -

The Puppy Luv woman is indeed married to an American..she also works on base as a MLC...but I agree, if there wasn't a market for her, then she wouldn't be in business. 

Caitlin --- 13 years ago -

I cant believe an American would let his wife do that. I know he doesnt have control over her or anything but if my husband was running a freakin business by breeding poor little animals all the time and selling for profit, I would slap the red out of his hair! 

Jamie (Sake's momma) --- 13 years ago -

haha caitlin- you'd have alot of slappin to do :P 

Caitlin --- 13 years ago -

oh no Jamie! One good slap in the back of the head may not ONLY strip the red from his head but also might knock a few brain cells in the right direction. Maybe I should have done it a long time ago:) 

Jamie (Sake's momma) --- 13 years ago -


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