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Coffeelover --- 9 years ago -

Ok ladies I really need someone to do my brows before I PCS. I don't want candycane eyebrows when they are finished or barley there brows. 

Leslie --- 9 years ago -

I got mine done at the Concession mall on the gas station...they did a good job...I am very picky too. 

Krystle --- 9 years ago -

What are candycane brows? 

Coffeelover --- 9 years ago -

do you know the name of the lady or what she looked like? Thanks 

Coffeelover --- 9 years ago -

very thin brows all the way across but where the arch would be is more like a hook 

Krystle --- 9 years ago -

Ohhhh!!! lol!! 

lilmama --- 9 years ago -

I have been going to a lady named Keiko at the Olympic beauty salon for 3yrs now and she is absolutely amazing! All of my friends go to her and love her too! I highly recommend her :) 

Coffeelover --- 9 years ago -

Thanks lilmama I will see if she has any appt open 

lilmama --- 9 years ago -

You're welcome :) She really is good! 

┌∩┐(◕_ --- 9 years ago -

look up Platinum Soul on OYS. She does all my waxing, I love her. 

lilmama --- 9 years ago -

Thanks lilmama I will see if she has any appt open Also, it's only usually around $11 total. 

Nobia --- 9 years ago -

I like the consession on Kadena also, but the first time the girl did mine a bit skimpy. I spoke up next time, prob solved :) 

Olivia --- 9 years ago -

don't go to the olympic mall on Kadena...that's where i went last time and im very frustrated. I was told to try Cocok's nail salon...they do waxing too. 

*Shelbysmomma* --- 9 years ago -

i go to olympic mall every 3 weeks. kara does a good job. 

Amanda --- 9 years ago -

I go to Krissa's Full Body waxing. She does an amazing job, and her prices are amazing! She only charges 5.00 for brows. And her room is so nice and relaxing also. Here is a link to one of her adds, but its not the add for the waxing. You can just e-mail her and tell her you want your brows done. She is super friendly!! and does a amazing job! 

SemperFiChic --- 9 years ago -

Krissa is the best BUT she's not taking new clients for just brows. 

JenMBH --- 9 years ago -

I have never had mine waxed.. I really don't want to have to pluck them before we leave so I may be looking into this as well. lol. I have a brochure of Cocoks somewhere... 

MissyLouWho --- 9 years ago -

Hiromi at the Foster Beauty salon is really good ... and I am SUPER picky. 

Coffeelover --- 9 years ago -

I went to Platinum Soul and she did a great job as well as an appt the same day. 

*~PinkPrincess~* --- 9 years ago -

Hiromi at the Foster Beauty salon is really good ... and I am SUPER picky. I love Hiromi! She does an AMAZING job! 

lizhimin --- 2 years ago -

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