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Chancey♥ --- 12 years ago -

I tried the search button already and nothing... Does anyone know a place other than Cocoks or the places onbase to get nails done? .... and that do a good job. I know there was a place on the way to Torii right after you make that left off of 58, but I forgot the name and I can't find it anywhere! Any ideas? 

kc; Sooners Lovin! --- 12 years ago -

Has anyone gone to Salon Feliz?? How is the prices and nail quality? 

*~PinkPrincess~* --- 12 years ago -

I heard Da Right Touch on 58 is really, really good...but also really expensive. I've been to Sweet Nails on 58 as well, right before Starbucks coming from Foster - but I was there for 4 hours. The longest 4 hours of my life and the nails were NOT great. I had to go in two days later and get three of them re-done because they broke. The Spa on Foster (The Spot) did a pretty good job as well...they were just a little too thick for my liking. I know that's not what you ladies were asking - but just in case someone else out there was wondering about nail places. 

♥Mrs. Boss ♥ --- 12 years ago -

I went to a place on 58. I can not remember the name of it. I think it is right up the road from fosters commissary gate on the right hand side coming from kadena. It is an orange building. Anyways they are VERY expensive and the nails were crap. They only do Gel nails. Mine looked like absolute crap when she was done with them and I spent well over 8 hours in that place getting a pedi and a set of nails put on. I would NEVER go back to them again. I think I would prefer going to one of the ladies that do it in thier own homes here on kadena. :-) They may not do all the fancy smancy nail art like the Japanese ladies do but at least you have quality nails that stay on and look nice. I usually only do the french manicure look anyways, it goes with everything. 

SaraSassyPants --- 12 years ago -

Has anyone gone to Salon Feliz?? How is the prices and nail quality? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. I wont go to Cocoks anymore. I think Feliz is cheaper too. And not a buch of people there because they only have 2 people that worl there. So that cannot do big parties. 

The Dramallama --- 12 years ago -


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