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Textbooks Needed ASAP

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val 2
dependopotamus 1
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val --- 10 years ago -

I can order online, but I'm not sure if they will get here fast. If you have any of these books, please let me know. Thanks. 1. THE WORLD THAT TRADE CREATED BY KENNETH POMERANZ, OCT. 31, 2005 2. UNDERSTANDING TERRORISM BY GUS AMRTIN, 3RD ED, 2009  

dependopotamus --- 10 years ago -

UNDERSTANDING TERRORISM Go ask any military person that has deployed. I'm pretty sure they have a great understanding of what Terrorism is.... Or are you studying Terrorism? Ohh i'm alerting the FBI put you on that no fly list, since you want to study and trying to understand Terrorism. 

~Neecee~ --- 10 years ago -

Ohh i'm alerting the FBI 

val --- 10 years ago -

These books are for the Masters of Science in International Relations - Global Studies and National Security. 

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