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Convertible car seat

who's talking here?

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boone --- 10 years ago -

Anyone have suggestions on which one is best? I have a feeling my baby is going to grow out of his infant car seat here in a few short months. Amazon has 20% off until the end of the month so I was mulling over a purchase. Likes, dislikes, etc. All info welcome. Thank you. 

val --- 10 years ago -

My son outgrew his infant car seat at 3 months. We have a big and tall little man. Since we had to travel cross country then fly here, we got the 5-in-1 car seat-stroller combo. It worked well. When we got here, we ordered the newest and biggest Britax Advocate from Amazon. I like how it looks, it feels safer and more comfortable for my baby, too. Also, the weight limit is 65 lbs. so we should have a year or more to use it. 

Señor H --- 10 years ago -

Your son was over 22 pounds at 3 months? Maybe she had a 19lb baby? 

Nicole --- 10 years ago -

We bought a Fisher-Price one made by Britax-but they don't make those anymore. :( I know a lot of people like the Britax ones-and they are definitely good. However, they are really, really big, so you'd need to make sure it actually fit in your car. Pretty much all seats are safe (make sure there are no recalls) so it depends mostly one the extra fluff features you want-and how much you are willing to spend. What we did was keep our older one in the FP one until we bought a forward-only facing seat that can 5pt harness until 65lbs and then turns into a booster that can be used until 100lbs. The younger one is still currently in the FP one-when we're ready to turn him around forward facing (he's currently 20 months, so we'll turn him in a month or so probably) we'll get him a seat like we have for the older one. Remember that car seats are only recommend to use for about 5-8 years (they have expiration dates on them), so don't worry too much about getting the absolute highest weight limit, since you'll likely need to get a new one before then anyways. And remember that most kids outgrow the seat height wise before weight. Oh, and last thing-my older one, we were SURE he would outgrow his infant seat by about 7 months, he gained weight so quickly. Then, he dramatically slowed down his growth rate-and wouldn't have outgrown it until about 10 months. My littler one-he didn't outgrow the infant seat until about 14ish months) though we moved him to the convertible earlier. 

dependopotamus --- 10 years ago -

We had a Britax.... Just a beast of a car seat in the back seat... 

Mrs. Taken --- 10 years ago -

We have the Radian XTSL for all 3 of mine it works from 5PDs to 80 PDs. It is narrow enough to fit 3 across the back row and if used with the gogo kidz travelmate when flying you can push the thing right down the center aisle of the plane and it will fit :) We love it and all my kiddos do to. Plus if you are in an accident and you car seat is registered they will replace it with a brand new one (It just has to be int he police report that the car seat was occupied and in vehicle at accident) 

boone --- 10 years ago -

He is for sure going to outgrow it in height before weight. Our infant car seat is good until 35lbs. But his feet are almost sticking out the bottom! He's a tall one. I want to buy one and have it sent to my parents or just buy one when we go home in July. I want to bring him to the states in the infant one and come home with the convertible so that we don't have a car seat randomly sitting around in our tiny house. I have a cube, so the size of the car seat is an issue I'd assume. I went to and read a lot of other articles and found a few that have cracked in a 30mph crash test. So I'm going to steer clear of those. I guess I'm just being overprotective because none of them seem good enough! 

Nicole --- 10 years ago -

But his feet are almost sticking out the bottom! He's a tall one Boone, it's ok if his feet stick out the end. You need to check the overall height requirement (probably between 29"-32" inches) and the shoulder harness height. Typically, they can sit in the seat until their heads are 1" from the top of the seat, as long as the harness slots still fit. Rear facing, the straps need to be in a harness slot either AT or BELOW the shoulders. (When they move forward facing, the straps must be at or above the shoulders). 

Nicole --- 10 years ago -

Oh-and my little one still sits rear facing (in a convertible) and his legs stick out too. I have just taught him to cross his legs over-you can start doing that pretty much any time-just cross them in front of him each time you put him in and he'll eventually catch on. :) 

Señor H --- 10 years ago -

What happens if the convertible rolls over? Won't the child hit his or her head? 

boone --- 10 years ago -

What happens if the convertible rolls over? Won't the child hit his or her head? Yeah, that's why my next thread was going to be "what's a good helmet to buy your infant?" 

val --- 10 years ago -

I have a Cube too and i thought the Britax Advocate CS won't fit, but it does. 

Jamie0916 --- 10 years ago -

It took me a while to finally decide on one. I just ordered the Evenflo Symphony 65. It rear faces until 35 or 40 lbs? I'm going to try and keep my daughter rear facing as long as possible. We'll see how that goes! 

Nicole --- 10 years ago -

I'm going to try and keep my daughter rear facing as long as possible. We'll see how that goes! We had both of our kids stay rear-facing longer. Our first one stayed rear facing until about 17 months. The younger one is still rear-facing at 20 months. We didn't have any issues with either of them staying rear-facing. 

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