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McT to Hansen

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val --- 11 years ago -

Directions please from McT to Hansen? - via expressway and other alternate/better routes? Need to be at Hansen early Monday morning. Thanks so much in advance! 

Ash-Uh-Ley! --- 11 years ago -

I know you take exit 8 for Hansen....just not too sure what happens after that.....I'm sorry I'm not much help! 

boone --- 11 years ago -

I'd take the 8 to the 329 get on at the 6, get off at the 8. Once you exit the 8 take a left and keep going straight. Hansen will be on your left hand side. 

Casey --- 11 years ago -

i've always just hopped on the 329 and gone all the way down, i'm not much for the expressway, unless we're headed to schwab. i can't help from mct. 

Paul --- 11 years ago -

Just follow's all of 20 minutes from McT. If you leave McT after 7 it maybe 35min. Expressway will only save about 5-10min anyway. 

yyyyy --- 5 years ago -

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huangqing --- 5 years ago -

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a5733225uu --- 5 years ago -

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