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Ever had kid's terrified of flying? How to deal with the situation

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Paul --- 10 years ago -

Ok so my son is 9 and he is terrified to fly. We have order's to Oki in Oct.

Just wondering if anyone has any helpful advice to get him to be ok with flying. I have heard that it is a 2 day trip but not to sure on that one.

Thank's in advance for any help you may have :) 

Nicole --- 10 years ago -

Keep him away from the news for a week or so before-at least as much as you can. (Just in case there are plane crashes).

Also, not sure how he reacts with more info, but maybe you can talk with him about the safety stuff on the planes? ie, life jackets, emergency slides, etc. Some kids would do better knowing about all the safety stuff, some would freak out even knowing that any of it might be necessary.

And...some therapy might be helpful. you have plenty of time for that. 

KITTENS --- 10 years ago -

Rescue remedy. Drug the little f*cker. I know I'm drugging the hell out of myself when we go back. This stuff is like the best stuff ever.

I realize he's 9, but I'm 23 and I'm petrified of flying (the point of vomiting over the anxiety of it or worse) and nothing's helped, ever, except this spray stuff. 

Mrs. Taken --- 10 years ago -

My 8 year old was the same way the Dr actually told me to give her Benadryl (she figured the max dose for us). Not only does it make them sleepy but they use it with kids to ease Anxiety...Good Luck!

Also maybe look up some stuff here for him to get excited about to use as a distraction 

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