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**Ashley** --- 11 years ago -

Using Visa off base? The last two days we have tried at different places and it declined it both times. They even tried it multiple times. I know there was more than enough cash to cover it. We came on base and it worked fine. Talked to the bank today and there is no block so they were not sure either. Anyone else? 

**Ashley** --- 11 years ago -

I will call. I was at the bank today so I sure hope she would have realized but maybe not. 

**Ashley** --- 11 years ago -

Oh okay. Thank you:) 

Victoria --- 11 years ago -

Did it take a long time before it was rejected? Sometimes when I use mine it takes a while for the computer to connect or whatever and it "times out" and declines. 

**Ashley** --- 11 years ago -

Yes, it did take a minute. However, I had them run it again because I knew there was plenty in there.

I called the bank and my card is not flagged nor blocked. They know I am in Japan. Also, she said it was not even showing up that a transaction was made and declined. It normally does and they can tell you why it is declined. There is nothing there from off base. She said the only thing it could be is that they have the wrong authorization code or something and it is not getting to the bank.

Hopefully, it just fixes itself. It is not the bank or anything on my end! 

Loved living in Oki --- 11 years ago -

The only time mine declined to work was when my husband was TDY and buying me jewelry. :-P 

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