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heavenlycs --- 9 years ago -

Many people dont realize how is the inside air conditioner condition, out side looks clean, but in most cases inside is full of dust and mould, children are afected the most, and also those who are very sensitive to bacterias on the air. If you have problem with your air conditioner let me know and i will clean your AC, japanese companies take almost 9000 yen to clean each unit, my prices are 7000 yen for one, 12000 yens for two, and from three to more units 5000 yens each unit,
See my website:

i hope to hear from you soon =) 

doG rM --- 9 years ago -

This isn't a free advertizing service. Take your ads to OYS. 

Chuck --- 9 years ago -

I'll do it for 5,000 yen each unit and I'll clean the whole thing, not just the coil. 

seanabc --- 6 years ago -

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yyyyy --- 6 years ago -

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