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lahahab26 --- 314 days ago -

Guardiola's Manchester City is the irresistible momentum to The North Face Store the Premiership throne charge, after a season of hard work and more than 300 million pounds of large investment, he has the Blue Moon Corps as the Premiership and even the whole of Europe's role model. The competition in the new era Premiership crown crown group based on high input, but to truly stand out and achieve sustainable development, tactical level of intensive and technical and tactical knowledge of the continuous update is undoubtedly indispensable. Just as the Mourinho to create Chelsea that year, glamorous, Guardiola is using groundbreaking thinking mode and forward-looking philosophy of football Manchester City marked their own brand.

White Hart Lane tragedy can be described Guardiola Manchester City first half of the watershed in the first season, before the various events, the city of Manchester to a wave of winning the Premiership journey, the defeat will include Manchester United, Southampton and West Bromwich Albion In the next two months, Manchester City lost to Barcelona, ??Liverpool and Lester, including a good team counterattack and fast break team, the public opinion on the sound of Guardiola Once overshadowed him praise.

With 2017 New Year's first four goals captured the London Bowl as a starting point, Guardiola in the case with the help of new aid Gusussi change 4141 and achieved good results, despite losing to Monaco in the Champions League knockout quarterfinals, but Manchester City has Can play a pleasing offensive. From "champion" to "fight four", Guardiola constantly lowered his goal to adapt to the new environment in the Premiership, Manchester City players in his leading series of tactical tests has made great strides, the former by Pellegrri Nepal paved the way to make the ball control tactics Catalan interpretation of a new realm.

The main reason for Guadal MANCHESTER to experience turmoil in 0 the mid-2016/17 season was offensive and defensive tackles, with the team's most crucial goalkeeper, center-back and winger positions in unexpected positions. The first is controlled by Guardiola high hopes of starting point Bravo struggled in the Premiership, the Chilean people without the practice of summer training in Manchester City Derby so much attention to the big arena open door black, which led him directly in the whole The season is in a state of intense anxiety and suffering. Followed by Guardiola as "a new generation of Zhongwei Li in the leader," Stone lost in a row after a series of mistakes, the English people were originally just been asked as the side wing of Panpai wingman playing in the first giants season , But due to a prolonged injury to Belgian central defender, Mangalore unqualified, as a trainee Stones as the main The North Face windbreaker defender under heavy pressure; another important defense on the chess Kolarov at the beginning of October 2016 Injured during the international competition day, which led Guardiola most good at the "back waist tactics" ran aground, the main midfielder Fernandinho even in some key scenes (guest Camp Nou) side-lineback.

In addition to brave brothers Bravo and Stones on the line of defense, another Guardiola Lachin point but not to adapt to the ineffective player, is originally the Lionel Messi solution as the Lionel Messi. Guardiola had hoped that the Spanish international can be used as a ballless terminal in the frontcourt ribs continuous dribbling, and the other side of the venue to form a strong and weak side of the response and interaction Stirling side. Surprisingly, Guardiola in the first round Manchester City Derby Lieutenant General will be the implementation of the transfer of the two tasks, resulting in neither player can play their respective strengths, the legendary La Liga in the period of the rapid transfer of La Liga Into the downlink track. Due to its technical characteristics and David - Silva have similarities, the strong side attack led by Noblet can be effectively controlled but can not open the gap in the longitudinal space, the Spanish international quickly by the Saanen and winter window Geosu replaced.

After the White Hart Lane tragedy into uncontrolled range, Guardiola began to fully tap the team resources, continuous trial and error to explore the best offensive end configuration. In this difficult and painful process, Guardiola put up the voice of questioning and enriched the so-called extension of the law of positional warfare. Taking into account their system is difficult to operate and fault-tolerant rate is low, the existing players in the physical and technical hard to control the high-end tactics, Guardiola began to hide in some games, such as the side guard Adiporates midfielder and other less efficient Tactical elements, such as the introduction of the sidewalks, long-term action fast break and other conventional elements to reduce the difficulty of the system, adapt to the British fast-paced, high-competition environment at the same time, step by step to help players understand and master their own ideas. With 35% ultra-low ball rate and more than 60 long passes at home to beat Arsenal, Guardiola initiative to adapt to the Premier League environment landmark battle.

After trying out both front-split and double-back tactics (YA-Toure & Fernandinho), Guardiola started to use the 4141 formation, which is more conducive to offensive fanning, after getting Gusus Asia - Toure in many games independent support lumbar position to enhance the team's offensive effect, Fernandinho got a breather. The 4141 system accommodates Guardiola's ideal double winger, Twinhead, and Guerrilla Center. The Gezos-inspired quintet became Manchester City's standard in the late 2016/17 season and unfortunately suffered in Brazil After the injury, Aguero also showed encouraging progress by adding more run-in and withdrawals in tandem.

In addition to four games against Tottenham and Barcelona last season, Guardiola coaching ideas the deepest game can be described as the Champions League 1/4 final and Monaco's two-legged contest. Like Pochettino and Lester Tottenham and Shakespeare, Jaldim's squad destroys Guardiola's transmission with quicker side-line attacks and sharp counterattacks in the less-than-technical capacity of Manchester City The internet.

This lesson Guardiola saw some of the drawbacks of the four guard system, the strong follow suit in the Premiership Zhu The North Face Jackets Qiang three guard formation case, the Catalan 352 opening formation in the beginning of the season the purpose is not to strengthen the defense, But rely on the nearest station double striker to strengthen the front pressure, and rely on the wing width of the offensive width of several passers-by to provide a more open processing ball space. The Manchester City attackers, represented by David Silva and Debraude, generally have the ability to handle balls, passes and maneuvers at high speed. The good space coverage and flexibility brought by the three Zhongwei formation will allow them to navigate with ease Select the nearest control field and depth blow. This constant addition of local elements to enrich the possession of ball tactical extension of the idea of ??building team, with Guardiola in Bayern's last season coaching ideas have been very close. 

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