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Blade & Soul have been around for 2 years & you get free costumes!

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eacgamecom --- 1 years ago -

Blade & Soul is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by NCSOFT for PC iOS and Android devices in 2012. Blade & Soul features a combination of martial arts style combat and qinggong in an open-world map. Players create playable characters that explore around the world by doing quests assigned by in-game NPCs.After several title updates and patches thegame now provides a highly customizable system and it has been stated that NPCs in the game were made with the character customization system.Blade & Soul Gold is the currency of the game which you will need to buy/upgrade weapons armors.

The action MMO Blade & Soul has been on the market for 2 years in Europe and the US. Reason for an anniversary celebration where you get the gifts. Among other things there is a new costume and the return of a classic dungeon.

Blade & Soul celebrates its 2nd anniversary in January 2018 in the West. Since then a lot has happened in NCsoft's martial arts MMO. Recently came with the "Lost Continent" even the largest update so far on the server. For the 2-year anniversary however there are hearty retro content!

For the anniversary it's back to the past

On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of Blade & Soul the developers bring back an old instance. The "Supply Camp of the Black Ram". This dungeon was the first endgame instance at the start of the game "and ended up with a cool boss fight with the crazy pirate vice-admiral Poharan.

For anniversary this instance comes back. You can play with heroes above level 50 and NCSoft has redesigned the dungeon accordingly. You also get new daily rewards when you rip through the supply camp.
Free costume and new customization options

To celebrate the second anniversary of Blade & Soul in the West there's a gift for all players. You get once per account a chest of goodies. There is also a special daily quest for dungeons. As a reward waving a jubilee costume and other goodies such as fireworks. The costume consists of a chic suit as well as a silly party hat in the form of a tartlet with a "2" as a tip.

In addition there are the following innovations:

You can customize your costumes with colors and patterns
The premium membership will be revised and clearer
Upgrades will be cheaper
You can buy your own costume chest which gives you the sexy set "Silver Tiger"

The Blade & Soul 2nd anniversary celebrations begin on January 17 2018.

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