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When the first month of

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YLQ123 --- 252 days ago -

When the first month of the fifteenth is over, the Spring Festival is officially over. During this time, I specifically asked my grandmother for cooking skills. After talking about it, I decided to first consolidate the tomato scrambled eggs and then learn the blood tofu soup Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Tomato scrambled eggs can not help me, first mix the eggs, wait for the oil in the pot to heat up, then fry the egg liquid a few times, pan out, then stir the diced tomatoes, add the fried eggs Seasoning Marlboro Menthol 100S, sprinkling with chopped green onion, a delicious dish is a success. However, blood tofu soup is not so lucky. The beginning of cutting pig blood, tofu is fairly simple Cigarettes For Sale, then, put the ingredients into the pot. It??s not so easy to stir-fry. I??m not careful about the tofu and the pig??s blood. Yeah, I??ve forgotten to put the wine on, I??m rushing to do this, then pour the soup into the sauce, and the fire is finished Cigarettes Cheaper. .ough these two dishes are somewhat unsatisfactory, my grandparents and their eyes openly smiled. There was a warm current in my chest, my nose was sour, and my mouth could not help but tilt slightly..appy winter holidays are still waiting for me to savor, although there are still many nostalgia in my heart Marlboro Gold Pack, but the rush of the new semester also encourages me from time to time, so I can't help but move forward step by step. 

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