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Full blood Sanchez = Manchester United strongest signings 3 games to make 3 balls only he let Mu Shu

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Curryzapatos --- 202 days ago -

2-1 defeated Real Madrid, Manchester United finally ended the custom mlb jerseys international Champions League with a victory, and the biggest hero to win is Sanchez. Chile's thighs pass the ball, and in the last three games, it scored 2 goals and 1 assists. The situation is getting better and better. This is undoubtedly great news for the Red Devils who are not good for signing.

Sanchez is the best player in Manchester United.

This year's winter window, Manchester United snatched Sanchez from the hands of Manchester City, Arsenal thighs changed to wearing the glorious tradition of the Red Devils No. 7 shirt, naturally by the magic honey high hopes. However, the Chilean respondents in the second half of last season did not calculate the color: the Premier League 12 games, 2 goals and 3 assists, 18 games, 3 goals and 5 assists in various events, suffered a lot of criticism from the industry and the industry.

However, Mourinho stood up and defended Sanchez: "He joined the team
custom NBA jerseys
at the worst time. This is why I don't like the winter window. It is certain that Sanchez will get better next season. He is still Learn how to play with us, and we are learning how to inspire the best of him."

This summer, the Chilean team missed the World Cup finals. Sanchez won the first full holiday in the summer offseason in the past 9 years! In the past 4 years, he has had national team events to participate in (World Cup + two consecutive America's Cup + Confederations Cup), and then there are South American World Cup preliminaries, warm-up matches and so on. Therefore, the Chileans finally got a breather before joining Manchester United's first full season, and they can adjust their body and athletic status.

During the vacation, Sanchez is still training, showing his professionalism and desire for the new season. Due to the visa issue, he did not follow the majority of the United States for the first time, so he missed the first warm-up match with Mexico America, and did not appear until the San Jose earthquake. As a result, he delivered a precise free kick at the opening, but unfortunately Bailey hit the crossbar in front of the empty door.

The International Champions Cup is the real test. In the first game of AC Milan, in the absence of Lukaku and Rushford, Sanchez and Mata partnered as a double forward. Although the two are not high in height, the technology is called the top in the team. What is even more rare is that the football thinking is on the same channel and has a natural tacit understanding. Sure enough, the Spaniard's left foot volleyed a cushion, assisting Sanchez to single-handedly broke.

In the second round of Liverpool, Sang Shen performance is still positive, but the other side discharged most of the first-line team to fight against, Manchester United lacked the generals here, the thigh brothers really do not move. In the face of Real Madrid, Sanchez, who is a former Barcelona player, is full of firepower: In the 18th minute, Damian's right-handed corner was passed, and his right foot was shot in the penalty area. In the 27th minute, Mata's right rib was passed, the Chilean headed back in the penalty area, and Herrera followed the ball and hit the ball.

9 minutes pass and make a contribution, Sanchez became the master of the Custom Football Jerseys
game. What's more, whether it's shooting a shot or heading back, Sang Shen has shown the true quality of a striker, fully qualified for the role of "Pseudo 9" (played in Arsenal), which undoubtedly gives Mu Rinio's formations have brought more choices. For example, in the first round of the Premier League against Leicester City in the first season, Sanchez is likely to continue to play double forward with Mata.

Manchester United's signings for the summer are slow, especially on the offensive end, and there are no new aids to join, and may not even be there. However, Sanchez, whose status has returned to 100%, is worthy of a big-name reinforcement. After all, in the 2016-2017 season a year ago, he was still a superb in the Premier League with 24 goals and 10 assists. If Mu Shuai can really activate the thigh brother, then the new season Manchester United offense can be expected! 

Tiffany coTiffany storeTiffany --- 202 days ago -


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