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A rose flower

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ylqylq 1

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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

A rose flower on the fence gently fell, quietly passing a scent of fragrance, fell into a deep purple starry sky, sitting on the window Cigarettes Online Store, quietly counting the green leaves of the bamboo, one, two, three ......The flow of water that has passed by the falling flowers has no traces, but there is a faint scent. The scent of the moonlight is gone, but there is a slight whisper, and the brush strokes of the light ink landscape are silent, but There is quiet bustling. One meter of sunlight passes through the gap between the new leaves, such as the long flowing water falling on the ground, sparkling, dark fragrance floating Newport Menthol Cigarettes, flowing the world's solution to the back of the evening, watching the sunset window, the breeze sweeping the night, tranquil and mysterious . At this moment, my heart is like a lotus, and I am like a book. I read the little bit of love in the past, and I am secretive. The fireworks outside the curtains are so bad that there is no need to look for the lost lights in the past.�黨, sitting in the corner of summer, watching flowers, flowers will laugh; watching the clouds, the heart floats with the clouds; all kinds of vegetables, hoeing grass, raising a group of chickens and ducks, feeling the clouds under the blue sky A touch of joy; feeling the tranquility and indifference in the field, listening to the flower language Marlboro Cigarettes Sale, dancing with flowers; accompanied by the tree leisure, talking about the mind, writing the ink, the wine is cool as water, sitting in the moonlight like silver, the rogue The same mood, exiled like to sing the songs of the mountain village gardens, elegant and careless, falling flowers, suddenly the lyrics of the rise have long been sung; borrow a full moon Cigarette Wholesale, exile the heart, empty mountains and roads, time is quiet, the world is arguing And set a guqin, in front of the window, there are flowers and branches through the small window of the lattice, the wind clears the moon, the silence is everywhere, the song is silent, the words are no trace, the dust gently land; caress a string sound, In the melody of the dance, let the beauty of life be at the fingertips. Lightly spread a piece of paper, smear the clear brush, and trace all the thoughts in the heart into the text. Let the heart surging thoughts, the love between the eyebrows bloom, in this beautiful season, the flowers bloom in the moon, the old things in Nancheng fade into the ink, and the words in the text are written in a line, leaving a line of small characters, listening to a song, watching the water Liuhua recumbently, smelling the rose on the ground, the seasons are changing in the wind, the color of the ink and water is flowing Marlboro Red 100S Carton, the wind is moving, and the dust of the years is stained. When the clouds are scattered, an imperfect interpretation is performed, and the night is gone. The gentleness of the streamer, only one star left in the sky, the flowers are left, put into the pot and cook for a while; the flowers, whisper, leave the petals, sandwiched in the notes of the old memory, stained with ink . I wanted to take advantage of the breeze to step on the moon, but my thoughts were so mad, I had to whisper, I wanted to steal the dreams of life, but I fell into the flowers, I had to whisper, I wanted to drink tea and read the scenery. Light, I had to choose a gentle and easy to sip, paving a table to clean, warming up a tea, picking up a falling flower, plain and simple, wind, night, but also warm. 

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