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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

On the day before the Dragon Boat Festival this year, I went to the Qinhuangdao Rock Sugar Grand Canyon in the Grand Canyon. I didn��t make beauty, all the way to the west. Near Qinhuangdao, the rain is getting bigger, the wind is cold, the sky is dark, the window is blurred by the mist, and the distant scenery can't be seen. The thought of Chairman Mao Zedong's first wave of sand, can't help but gently pick up: "Heavy rain falls, white waves Haotian, a fish boat outside Qinhuangdao. A sea of ??oceans is gone, who knows who? The past thousands of years, Wei Wu whip, east of the meteorite has a legacy. The bleak autumn wind is now, for the world can not see the poetry The magnificent natural landscape, but here, the world that is so smouldering, in any case, will return the "white waves and the sky" in your brain, the sound of the rain is like a drum, and the waves of the waves are helping the waves. Near the ancient times, Youzhou Yanguo The land, the Qin Emperor, Meng Jiang, the Three Kingdoms Wei Wu, "the east is a meteorite, to the view of the sea"; historical stories, the remains of the site, vividly in sight. History naturally blends Qinhuangdao's human landscape with the current smoke and rain situation. In my heart, I can't help but feel the history and the land of this trip, forget the inconvenience of the cold and cold rain. Come to the Grand Canyon, the wind is not big, but the temperature is very low. Here The rain is not big, and it stops at the moment, which brings a moment of convenience to the tour. Put on the poncho, you can cover the rain, and the second can keep warm, but it is not convenient to take pictures, and it has no big impact on the viewing landscape. Entering the mountain gate of the scenic spot, you can see the mountainside not far from far away. The ancient Great Wall's beacon tower stands. Although the Great Wall is not seen, the site of the beacon tower remains intact. I can't help but wonder if the Great Wall is also crying by Meng Jiangnv Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. In fact, the Great Wall here was built in the Ming Dynasty. It is not the Great Wall built by the First Emperor. However, I still want to link the two together. It seems that the preconceived stereotypes still occupy the Grand Canyon of the Sugar Candy. Don't have a bit of fun. Entering the canyon, you can't help but feel the geological formation of the glacier, and admire the wonders of nature. The mountains and cliffs on both sides of the canyon stand, the peaks are stacked, the strange stones are sinuous, and the valleys are quiet and the walls are straight. In the water, a clear reflection is formed. After the baptism of the rain, the trees are verdant, the stone walls are bright, and the orange-colored stones meet the green pines and cypresses. In one, the two ancient Great Walls on the distant peaks stand opposite each other, like two sentinels, guarding the beauty of this strange mountain, and like a gate, admire the Lingshan Xiuli, and the mountains and rivers are magnificent. Bijiashan, three mountain peaks present a "mountain" shape of the oracle bone, and it stands like a pen holder. This pen mount mountain is not a Jinzhou Bijia Mountain, but also a pool of goldfish swimming, colorful; Taigong pool water show mountains green, cruise ship ripples; A few meters high waterfall, layered, and free flowing; the creek is long, the water is sloping, and the scenery is down, gathering in the deep pool. The beautiful scenery of the forest, the self-reported walk along the canyon mountain road for about 30 minutes, a "ice candy �� ��The plank road is set up by the volley. The so-called "vegetable dish" is a bit of a mountain in which the mountain is hollowed out. It is like a vegetable dish in the field. It climbs along the plank road Newport Box 100'S, and at the end is a glass road with a volley and a mountain. It is a pity. Because it is rainy and slippery, temporarily closed, you can't experience the thrills for yourself. You can only look at it from a distance. Between the two green hills, a blue tie is held in the dark sky. In the rain and fog, it is such a dazzling, so beautiful. Continue along the mountain road, another plank road climbs to the top of the mountain, a large platform on the top of the mountain, and a pavilion for visitors to rest. There is a huge stone at the foot of the platform. Each side of the platform is engraved with a word, "flat" and "an", so I temporarily call this platform a Pingtai. Standing on the Pingtai Terrace, you can look far into the faint gorge and the distant peaks, and accompany the mountain winds to take a break, turn over the Pingtai, and then along the plank road is the transfer gate, a few boulder When the door god, going forward is the ice hole, because the repair is upgraded and closed, you can't experience it for yourself, you can't see the water vapor that is said to be coming out in the summer and freeze, and the spring water that rushes out of the ice in winter. It is said that the spring water is clear and clear, and it is better than the pure water that comes with it. The sugar candy is named after it. This is another big regret. The road to return is the plank road repaired at the foot of the mountain and on the water. It is said that it was a sling after the change. Into the wooden plank road. There is a wooden shed on the plank road, which is like a corridor. Walking on it also temporarily obscures the rain that is getting bigger and bigger Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online. The rain has been going down, and the view is unavoidable Newport Cigarette Price. At this time, there was a cloud in the distance, filled the distant mountains, and the clouds covered the top of the mountain. The mountain was like a hat. The clouds were wrapped around the mountainside, and the mountain was tied with a streamer. The old man of the avatar; suddenly the clouds drifting and moving Cheapest Newports Cigarettes, like a flowing fairyland. The rain wet the hair, and the pants below the knees were soaked by the rain flowing down the poncho, and the shoes also entered the water. Even so, there is no weakening of the interest in this tour of the sugar candy. Seeing the green mountains and green waters, the cliffs and rocks, the beautiful scenery on the chest, the pleasant mood, the rain in the swimming, do not have the style, this trip is enough! 

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