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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

This is not the story of me and Mark. It is a phenomenon singer, actor, recently observed. We often only see their shining side, but you don't know, the company they signed up for is not as good as their beasts. If the animal is not as good as it is, don't be fooled. What is the blockade? In the literal sense, you are locked in a small black house and killed. In fact, the actual meaning is similar to this, but there is no human life. That is to close the small black house, we will put it in the popular, that is. No one knows you now, how did you get rid of the entertainment circle? For example, I have a female singer. Before I became famous, I signed a company. In a few years, she became famous, but the company looked at her. Because many of the other signing people always help her to receive the prize, she began to marry her. The female singer also observed this phenomenon and broke the company. After that, I went to the court every day. Finally, the studio broke the news of her death and said that she respected her privacy Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes. However, the former company did not say this example except for two people. In fact, other singers saw her unhappy and always grabbed their jobs. So the example of doing things with the company is the recent female singer name. Benedict, signing a company, extremely xun culture. The two people, one named Xu Liang, one called Xiaoxi Mi from Xu Liang��s silent sigh of Benedict, he seems to have been set. The same company knows this conspiracy, Xiaoximi, of course, this is the culprit, and many of the problems that existed in the rumors of Bian��s so-called death, may you say that you guys can��t rumor? ? This is very true, but the president of which company has a good attitude towards the former employees Cheap Cigarettes Newports. Other people in the company may not have spoken. And Tong Keke and A quiet are the same company in stealing Aqiao and Tong Keke. Of course, they often help Benedict to receive the award. I have been jealous of him for a long time. This is because I have to pay 800,000 liquidated damages in the face. The contract problem has been squeezed in the extreme. Didn't make money (don't talk about it) If it is a fate to kill people, I believe her mother will definitely make trouble, how many sealing fees can not be exchanged for a 2:24 night died without even the paparazzi and the media know Buy Newport 100S Cigarettes Online. As a result, the official release of the major media on the 27th followed, and it was proved that no one knew about it at 24-26. If it is really number 24. Someone knew it at the time. You think there is no paparazzi in the star community. 3: If someone jumps, do you think there will be no one onlookers? The following is a direct and strong evidence. 4: The red envelope 4867 issued before Benedict is played by the Pinyin 9 key. It is the living (implication), but after the death of Benedict, the official increased the amount of the Weibo red envelope by 5: The ID card is valid (cannot 100% said that he died.) 6: If the memorial service will not be given, someone will stop. But the paparazzi can't even shoot outside the memorial service. 7: This is a microblogging to a bear hug, English lcxb in turn bxcl, this hidden (hind) 8: Song 3, 0807, multiply is 2421, the ring inside the ring refers to the 7th 0301, multiply is 2107, a closer look is 9:07 on December 24th. (Another suggestion 9: The song I dreamed of dreaming that I repeatedly mentioned that she did not give up and she did not give up the synthesis and reached a conclusion. Benedict knew that she was going to be blocked, so she gave a lot of hints. Just then everyone Didn't care, she also knows that she can't show up after the ban, otherwise the contract has not expired to pay the liquidated damages Newport Short Carton. In fact, she has already thought of the hints. Someone has found a psychologist to interpret the songs that Ben has left for us. I am doing a beautiful dream. Don't come to wake me up. Everyone thought that Benedict died. Actually, I don't think Benedict knows that I have to be blocked. Let us not worry. I used to send a song called me. Dreaming that I dreamed of me, it is estimated that I also have a time and space projector, through which I can see myself I have a time projector, the English abbreviation is wyytskfyj Cartons Of Newport 100S, but in turn, jyfgstyyw, translation is, when the scenery, I hate to have this sentence that Ben wants to go back to the past, she just wants to be a singer who can sing well, she regrets signing the rhyme, she wants to go back to the past. The girl has a long hair T-shirt, the crowd is not attractive. What does it mean? Explain that Benedict is doing it back to ordinary people. Is it not to be an ordinary person to be blocked? I dreamed that my dreams were not my grandfather��s depression, black hair white t-shirt, no focus in the crowd. I am not in China, she did not let her not give up this sentence. This is repeated four times in the lyrics. It��s a homonym with death, and death is killing. It��s impossible to know that you are being killed and not resisting, so Ben wants to tell us that I know I have to be blocked, but I haven��t given up on her to rely on the grip but lost. What does this mean? What does she rely on for what she holds? For the singer, the fans are the biggest reliance, she is afraid of losing us. Rice grandfather may be like the indulging of the year. The fans of Shen Yu waited for her seven years. Grandma no matter how long I have not forgotten my heart in this material, although posting is not reasonable, but each word is heavy. This conspiracy to fight. I want to add it. 1 How did you die because of his death? Respect for privacy? Shouldn't it be? Just prove that she is not dead? 2 Within a week after the rumors, I finally said how she died. . The force is too big, but the studio's evaluation is that she is a sunny person. It just happens to form an inverse. The new song has just come out. She is still in the publicity period, she has already canceled the contract. These new songs should all be her own, not The company's meaning is that making money is also its own, not the company's use. Suddenly dying, it is not very bad 4 should say, this is a team partnership case, studio, friends, company, joint masterpiece. But why, no one What is the news? China does not lack paparazzi, so our society, the network. No one has no conspiracy, and more people who are famous for laughing in the knife, do not know that they can be bullied, not willing The society��s jealousy is infinite. The fame and fortune and resignation are back to the countryside. Now more people are willing to resign and return home. They are not willing to be banned and expelled, so every time Mark verbally says that inspiration is a star. But I said one Block the word. His ideals are not so important. The most important thing is that Benedict should not die. It��s just that Weibo is being used, but it��s not just her, but Yang Yuying, this singer who has been cold for more than ten years, was also blocked. After coming out, singing is no longer possib 

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