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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

Every time this festival, I will remember that when I was young, my mother picked half a scorpion leaf from the hill, the field or the rock, then soaked the glutinous rice, put it in a wooden bucket with a handle, and tied it on the handle of the barrel Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping. The thick and thick cotton thread, a low stool, sitting in the courtyard dam is about two hours or so, wrapped dozens of comprehensive, fell on the handle of the barrel, heavy, like a harvest of high mast The hanging scorpion was only sinking, bigger, and did not bend her wooden handle like a high mast, but it "hanged" the mother's spine and slowly stood up and squatted. She was bent by the scorpion's back, took the scorpion from the handle of the barrel, put it in our iron pot with a diameter of 50 cm, and scooped it down until it passed all the scorpions. After the water is deep enough, this will cover the lid, sit in front of the stove, roll up a piece of firewood, and ignite a match, Inside, the blazing fire sizzled hotly against the bottous rice, and the fragrant smell of the glutinous rice in the glutinous rice Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, pulled my nostrils low and low, and saw my head fall with the nose. When I entered the pot, a straw in my mother��s hand was shot on my head without a little weight. What are you worried about? I was careful to look at the smiling mother. I naughtyly took my head back. I turned to the courtyard, opened the door to Dad, old sister, brother, over the Dragon Boat Festival, eat the dumplings and then toss back Marlboro Hard Cigerate, help the mother to put the dumplings in the bowl, and looked at the table to see the mother tied I have to make a solid all-round, I haven��t waited for other people to go to the table and took a comprehensive piece to tear the leaves. (In fact, the leaves are not to be torn, but I don��t know how to peel them off.) I never thought about it. I was so hot that I wanted to throw it away, but I couldn��t bear to put it down. The last time I fell on the ground, I hit a few rounds on the ground like a stone before I stopped. This wolverine was seen by her mother. She quickly picked it up from the ground and washed the scorpion wrapped in the heald with water. Then she put the eucalyptus leaves in the bowl and dripped the brown sugar water. She said with a smile. No, I am not in a hurry. I am grateful to see my mother. I put the chopsticks directly into the scorpion and then picked the chopsticks and sent the scorpion to my mouth. I smelled it because the scorpion was too big. The fist, I sent a small corner of the all-round to the mouth, gently bite a wow, so sweet, my thin, slowly, full of mouth is full of care, dragging me around The happiness passed by, left my mother, went out to study, and joined the work. Later, I had a son, and for my son, for many years, every Dragon Boat Festival, I never went home again. I couldn��t feel the stock that my mother had brought me. A long and happy holiday, my mother has already left the countryside and moved to me. Because my father died suddenly, my mother shared with me and her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. The family died. For a few years, my mother rarely smiled very happily. This year, the Dragon Boat Festival arrived. Suddenly, I wanted my mother. Give us a dumpling and eat it for your mother. Mother took time to go to the street to buy the ingredients back. Two days before the Dragon Boat Festival, my mother started to give us a bag of scorpions. I was on vacation at home, and I was ready to help my mother. But for decades, I have never learned how to pack a scorpion. So I will never pack this time. I think it is time for my mother to learn, and it is time to inherit her old craftsmanship. So I will give my mother my thoughts. My mother will let me follow my mother and start demonstrating to me. Two. In my opinion, it is not as difficult as I imagined. So I took two leaves, folded, and held the ends of the leaves, and they merged from the outside to the inside in a counterclockwise direction. I made a funnel shape but I couldn't see the hole Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj, then I licked two spoons. This time, the bacon and mung bean were mixed together, and the glutinous rice was covered with the end of the eucalyptus leaves. Just when I was copying and molding, the fingers of the left hand could not be coordinated. If it was scattered, it would be leaked, or it would simply be made into a square shape, and it would be like a mother��s words. I did a few, my mother also taught a few hands, one did not succeed Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, my mother saw me like this, did not complain, but revealed a very happy laugh, seeing my mother so happy, I also stunned for nearly three years, This is the first time my mother is happy, open-minded, without any impurities. It is the pure, simple, hearty, childish laughter that I saw when she was young, and it was transmitted to me. I followed and laughed. In addition to my face, my heart smiled. 

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