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Since my son

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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

Since my son fell to the present, I have been 17 years and 17 years old. To be honest, I rarely pay attention to his growth. There are two aspects: one is physiology, and the other is psychological recollection. I have paid more attention to this for 17 years. It is his physical and academic growth, and he pays little attention to his psychological growth. It seems that he is not very accurate from his birth, sucking her mother's first milk, and starting to eat Wuliangzao. From babbling to kindergarten; from elementary school to high school. 17 years of growth, physiologically from tens of centimeters to 182 centimeters today, he is like a tree I planted as a child, from the unearthed to the towering tree, these physiological growth, in my opinion, that is The laws of nature have not caused or prompted me to pay attention to him as a great pioneering work in the future Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping, but his psychological growth is the one that I am most concerned about, especially China or the vast majority of China. The inadequacy of people's unique existence, said to the Dali, is the biggest problem for most Chinese or Chinese parents Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa, but this problem rarely causes Chinese parents to pay attention and wake up, I am no exception, he finished the kindergarten at the age of five When preparing to read the big class, his kindergarten team suggested that "Your son can sit still, very quiet, don't read the big class, just start reading. I and his mother listened to his class teacher's words and let him pass. When I was in the big class, I went straight to the elementary school. Because he was not yet in school, he was allowed to enter the private elementary school. Because he was really too small, we gave his hand to his old life. When he cried, he even took his mother��s hand and refused to stay at school. I was against my son. At first, I thought about developing him into an independent person, so he faced him against his mother. I don��t give up, I criticized him very harshly, and it was even more anxious to cry, no matter how his mother and life teacher advised him Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa, he would not help. Under the rogue, my mother and I had to I refused to go home, let the teacher take it forcibly, and we hurriedly fled from his school. Later, I kept in touch with his life teacher. I knew that he was quiet in the day when he was in a rogue situation. He was worried at first. Follow us, I didn��t dare to go to school to see him in the last few weeks. I know that the teacher said that there is no problem, we only went to see him for a few days. When we went to see him, we were seeing the sons of some of his classmates watching TV. Come to us, hurriedly came to pull his mother's hand, looking at his mother and me, grievances the eyes wet, so in front of us very bravely let the tears in my eyes flow in the eyes did not let it Flow out to see him In this way, our heart was very sour at the time. Especially his mother, her eyes were pity red, but his mother controlled her emotions, and did not let him get hurt. His mother quickly took out the one he brought with him. After adjusting the emotions of both of them Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, we learned about his learning situation. His son was full of grievances and said: "My classmates have read the big class, I don't have it, and my homework is not good. I said: "Son, don't worry, study hard. After you can catch up with them and say goodbye to him, we find out that his class teacher knows his situation and know that he really has a big gap with his classmates. During the month, when we talked to him on the phone, I often listened to his life teacher saying that he was taken over by the teacher. Since then, we no longer emphasize his achievements, considering that he is young and inferior to others, just I hope that he will be happy in school and walk through his 6-year primary school life, and smoothly enter his junior high school life. As a parent, I hope that my children will achieve success. Long Chengfeng. I am not a case, but I think that he did not play well in the elementary school, and he was a few years old. So after entering junior high school, I hope that he can work hard and study hard. He can no longer indulge him. Every one of his courses, Every chapter of the study, I will check and cooperate with the teacher to supervise his daily work; every test will spur him; every wrong subject will coach him or supervise him to redo; in my experience Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, Teach him to cite his entire junior high school life, it seems to have become my own work. In this case, I am very tired. But I didn't expect it, I can't understand it. In fact, he is more tired than me. In my opinion, he belongs to the kind that doesn't take the whip and will not go. I always tell him, I was conscious, hard, and hard when I was a child. 

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