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My friend told

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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

My friend told me more than once that I changed, but I kept thinking, but I could not find the answer. In the end, where did I change? Finally, I couldn't help but ask a friend of mine. He was very embarrassed at first. He was afraid that I would break with him after I knew it. But after I asked him a lot, did he still say that you didn't think? You have learned to dress cute, you learn to spoil, you have learned a lot of things that you didn't have before. Maybe for some people, it is good, but I think, because you have learned this Marlboro Red, and forgot all that you used to be Parliament Cigarettes, enthusiasm, cheerful, lively, all secondary, and most importantly, you forgot... . Do not say, I think you should go find the answer yourself. "This sentence is still in my mind until now. What have I forgotten? Indeed, my memory is not good, but I should always remember it! I shook my head, despair, I don't want to think again." I don't want to think about it anymore, or I don't want to know that the bird flies in front of my eyes, but I am not surprised because it is very common. But when I think back, I found that I didn't face the bird, it is How long, I found out, I don't know. I looked up, I thought I would see the bird again, but I was wrong, the sky was blue, a cloud, no bird. My heart, no I know why, it��s sour and sour... I know one, I don��t think there is a shortcoming, that is, I don��t know how to cherish. Even if it��s a tiny thing, how short it is, I don��t seem to cherish it. Because there is no treasure, So lost, very simple reason, I only know now. The phone rang, I went to pick up, is my friend. It is very common for him to chat with me, but I found my heart has been sinking. To his every word, the more I feel ashamed. "I'm sorry. . I forgot��. "I suddenly popped a word and scared him. "Why?" is his first reaction. I don't know how to answer him, so I can only end this conversation with "nothing." Put down the receiver. The head was followed by a blank rain, not the sky, but the heart, I asked myself, why, I found it now? Why, I only know now? I learned to pretend to be myself, and I forgot my true self. It is in front of the family, in front of friends, even in front of myself, I will only disguise. I did not use the true heart to treat people, did not use real heart to look at people, did not use real heart to understand people, even to myself. Recalling before, I How straight it is, what to say when you want to say something, but now? You will care about the image before you speak, and sometimes, speaking, just to please others. Change. I know that I changed the second one: I changed "why I can't always find the roses that I don't appreciate. Why didn't the former princes listen to this song, there is a very strange feeling, not how nice it is, but it seems that it seems to represent The days of those memories that I went to "do not want to grow up, there is no fairy tale when I grow up." Yes, once pure language and looks are a childish look in the eyes; the one who used to listen before going to sleep A beautiful fairy tale has been replaced by a burst of fatigue. The small world that belonged to you in the past seems to be a storage room for books and dictionaries. The rice fields and creeks that used to catch muddy frogs have been covered by a cement road and a factory. Instead of going back to the age of that dream, it seems that everything is so beautiful and nothing is sad. Singing virginity Cigarettes For Sale, picking sweet-scented osmanthus, and playing house wine Online Cigarettes, happy bluebirds always hover around. But when the years passed by little by little in the fingers, I had to accept the fact that we grew up, and the childhood green bamboo birds changed one by one. Left. I will never meet again. Most of them did not go, but most of them walked the same way. What caused it? I can't help but think until there is a day when I realize that I have grown up. just got it. This is because. We have all changed. They are no longer so stupid children in childhood, we have changed. This sudden awakening noun makes me suffocate for a
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