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while. "Changed"

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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

while. "Changed", this is the biggest "miracle" of time, which makes us have to accept the fate of the arrangement. Choose your own journey to enjoy listening to childhood songs. Such as the distant and untouchable sorrow, such as the golden leaves under the autumn wind, there is a lot of people saying that I am too precocious, and even a bit too nervous, I silently accept such evaluation, and feel a sorrow for a while I don't want to treat the world too sensitively. It makes it too easy for me to see through the nature of certain things, and it makes me lose a lot because of sensitivity. I have done a lot of mistakes. Many boys have become people who seem to have some vicissitudes and are extremely sensitive in their hearts. They no longer believe in every fool. A person. I would rather a person to quietly hold a piece of heaven and earth in my heart, and I don��t want to share it with others, indifferently and silently reject others�� approach, and use a false expression to face no one every day. I know what I lost. So I always do something to make up for what I lost. So, I like to listen to the songs of childhood, warm, in my heart, it feels like the atrium is filled with the wind by the wind, the swelling, the pain that can't be said, if there is nothing... Tonight, In this sleepless time, I wrote this essay that was not a prose. It was a mourning for the "I" that had not changed before; the tears flowed involuntarily. My mother said with sorrow and anger: "Oh!" Then he "closed" "Do you love me at all!" A voice in my heart shouted Carton Of Cigarettes, and my tears rushed out. I took the magical look and slammed the dolls around me to the wall to vent my resentment, but the space seemed to solidify suddenly, my hand was held in the air, the blue eyes of the doll I looked at my nephew mercifully and went straight into my heart. I stumbled, stunned, and the memory blew open. "Baby, guess what did your mother buy for you?" The sun shone through the window and gave the room a love. Gold yarn, a layer of sacred radiance, the air is filled with a warm taste. "What?" The childish voice sounded, "Wow, baby!" I held the doll tightly in my arms like I found a sister who had been separated for many years. "I call you 'beauty', okay? You have to call me 'mother'." The doll is as clear as a spring, and the blue eyes of the lake are flashing and full of happiness Cheap Cigarettes. The sun records this cute. Innocent moment, I sat by the window, tears streaming down my cheeks. Looking at the doll in my hand that had been smashed by me, looking at her body with one arm missing, I suddenly felt fear. What did I do? The gift that I was originally holding in my hand is now a tool for me to vent! I suddenly remembered what my mother had said - you changed. That is a positive tone, my mother already knows! I was scared. The blue eyes of the doll seem to be full of fear at this moment. Outside the window Newport 100S, the wind whistling, roaring, the tree was like a demon, and the gray sun gave a shadow to everything. Perhaps because of excessive fear, my heart has calmed down. Previously, the doll was "clean", now. The doll is "dirty", what about the future? Tears are dry, I am fascinatingly weaving a dream, a beautiful dream: I grew up, left home, and worked alone, except for the mother��s warm phone call once a day, the blue box that I carefully washed. The disabled doll, a gentle doll in the scorpion, is the most "warm" memory of my mother, the token of my thoughts, quietly accompanying me, I have come back, the doll has no idea when I was lay down. I staggered and stood up, slowly walking out of the room and walking to my mother. Mom barely turned away, but I didn't know what was facing me was the white hair like snow. Numerous complex feelings suddenly came up, and a thousand words eventually turned into "mother, sorry." Mother turned her head violently, her tired eyes filled with surprise Newport Cigarettes, joy, gratification, emotion, and the tearful doll that made me jealous, and I changed. The doll became ugly Online Cigarettes, and I grew taller. The doll became disabled and I became mature. In fact, the doll has not changed, and I have not changed. Because the doll is my beloved doll, I am still the girl who loves her mother from the bottom of her heart.
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