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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

The hometown that was left in the memory of childhood is located in the rolling hills, surrounded by trees, and things can be forested. Although there are no expensive varieties like paulownia in the forest, it naturally attracts golden phoenixes; but there are tall poplar trees, and there are many birds on the trees: there are tigers (also known as Shrike), willow leaves, and chickens. "Green horse" with red dragonfly, "blue dragonfly" with blue and oily, a kind of bird with orange body, can not remember the name, there is "hairy barley" feeding on sunflower seeds, There are "ant birds" that feed on ants, and there are larger "green swallows". Bird hawks, owls, and woodpeckers often come to the forest. Of course, there are still a large number of birds that I can't name. A variety of birds walk through the forest, and they are confusing and fascinating. The forest is the bird's reliance. The forest has a vitality and vitality because of the vitality and vitality of the bird. In the early morning, I can feel the beauty of the forest: the breeze accompanied by the coolness of my cheeks, and the obsessive drowsiness. The flowers and plants are sent to the fragrance, with a characteristic earthy smell. Infatuated birds are in love with the verdant branches, where they tweeted their voices. Listen, "The feathers are newly brushed with pottery gems, and the mouthpieces are first-adjusted by the night-time piano. The rain and the red apricots are dense Cigarettes Online, and the people are immersed in the green and deep green. The branches are thousands of words, and the peaches should be said to be old. I feel this is a beautiful one. Poetry, meticulously portrays the bird's agility. Although it is slightly different from Lin Jing in the hometown, it can be used for this. Sincerely, I have prepared a bag and waved. Wings, will go out to travel. And the sun, the guy who always loves to be late, just got out of bed, but when the probe is on the horizon of the East, he will sprinkle its golden light on the forest. As the wind blows, the dew drops on the blades of grass. The grass blades were bent and bent, and they fell to the ground, and they broke the golden light. The forests were filled with the sound of grass and trees, and the moments continued. Hula!�� The birds rushed out of the woods, flocked to the sky, and danced to the sky. , screaming is not stopping. At this time, the woods are lively. Some people say that all kinds of things have its ultimate: the tigers are deep in the mountains Cigarettes For Sale, the fish swims to the bottom of the pool, and the camel desert is like a real fireball, rising and starting a day's work. The birds are also far-reaching or hovering, and the forest gradually regains a busy and quiet state. I always feel that the bird's morning flight is in the sunshine, and the bird is a bright angel. The woods at that time were my childhood paradise. However, it is a great pain and guilt for me now. It��s hard to see the beautiful scenery of the ancestors. The ancient literati��s sorrowful grievances are caused by the sorrows: things are people and things are not things; people are not more than God, things are not artificial. Therefore, things do not add to the sadness. Due to the arbitrarily captured, the current birds have become extremely rare. It��s rare to see a bird that is standing still, like a chill, and shrinking its head. It has time or a few screams, but its tweet has a different taste - the bird��s head The sound of the "bird of surprise". I also "watched" the birds, and later gave up because of some twists and turns, but until now I still feel depressed. At that time, the society was very popular for bird catching. There are three kinds of tools for people to catch birds: clips, slingshots, and bird nets. In the old saying, there was a sentence of "birds eating for food". People took the essence from the ancestors and made the clips of the bait Marlboro Red. Of course, the clip is the most useful tool. At the same time, the ancestors' experience and tools were improved by them, and another masterpiece - the slingshot. I have forgotten to cheer on the scene where the bird has landed at the moment the slingshot is telescopic. People also use the innocence of birds to catch them with nets. I understand that the bird's vision is well developed, because the bird's visual structure accounts for a much larger proportion of the brain than humans, and their eyeball structure and eye position are also perfect. I don't believe that they will not see the bird net that even humans can see. In fact, human beings capture birds only by virtue of their developed mind and cruel temperament. However, the birds are empty, and the sorrow left is human. It is no longer necessary to say the equivalent value of life, and the weak meat and strong food is reflected in human society. Suddenly remembered the "animal form" in Maupassant's works is an ascetic imposed on the soul to make up for the faults he made in the human form. Let the beast remember that he had had a high-level existence, that is to make it feel that he was being defamed as a punishment. Only the soul that has been purified by suffering can restore the human form, so he no longer remembers the stage of his own experience. Since it has been born again, understanding this life will be an undue pain for it. Therefore, people should protect and respect animals, just like respecting a prisoner who is atonement, and doing so is also to protect others when they reproduce in a beastly form. As the saying goes, "Do not do what you want, don't do it to others." I hope it is true, in order to give people a punishment and make people wake up. What I want to say is: To be kind to all life is to be kind to yourself. If life is a theater, the environment is a musical score, and the colorful life is the real note, the form is the carrier of life, and the life is like the "string" of the piano. Please be kind to my "string" of life.
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