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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

Probably every school has a peculiar place? Just need us to discover it. There is such a magical place in our school that I discovered it, it seems to be magic Carton Of Cigarettes. Library - a magical magic house! There is a reading class every Friday afternoon. I am very curious when I first entered junior high school. What is a reading class? Is the teacher taking us to read the text? In class, we Waiting in the classroom for the arrival of the teacher Cheap Cigarettes, but during this period the class was very noisy, everyone did not stop, each said their own words, has been noisy to the teacher. The teacher did not lead us to read the text, but let us go to the team. I was even more curious. Where did you go? Standing on the team, the teacher repeatedly emphasized to us: "Classmates, go in and read the book and remember to put it back. Bit." Also said some reading to benefit us. In this way, with curiosity, we went in. However, the teacher actually left? I was secretly worried: After the end, it is over, and then it will be noisy again. After all, it is very difficult for more than one hundred people to speak out in a room. Although I have not been together with my classmates for a long time, but also for a week or two, my understanding of them is: the teacher is still quiet for a while, the teacher is not in the sky. However, at this moment, I was dumbfounded. No one was noisy. They looked at their books and only heard the snoring of the pages. Moreover, the two students accidentally bumped into each other, not only did not speak, noisy, but bowed to the other side and left. I can't believe that this is beyond my cognitive range. I can't help but sigh: This is a magical place! The time for reading is always short, and I will be off class later. However, after the quiet students in the study room came out, they began their usual style: noisy. And I was amazed at the magical library, the magical library... I couldn��t restrain my inner excitement, I was looking for a primary school classmate to share my findings, but I was surprised to find that they didn��t take it for granted. I thought it was my dream. It��s my fairy tale that I��ve seen more. I bowed my head and began to doubt myself. Is this all my illusion? I can't understand it and I am back home. I went to ask my sister, my sister said: "Everyone has a different understanding of the same thing, just as you and your classmates have different understandings of an ordinary library." Personal perspectives on things are different, so the conclusions are different. Therefore, I am determined that it is a magic house.
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