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When the Ching

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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

When the Ching Ming Festival arrived, Mom and Dad took me to my grandmother's house to sweep the grave for my grandfather. After reaching the countryside at around 10 o'clock in the morning, I went to the grave. Everything was done. My mother said, "Let's go to pick tea in the afternoon, how about?" My father and I are refreshing. The place promised, we went to the place where tea was collected Newport Cigarettes, not far away, just behind the grandmother's house, I carried a plastic bag, very happy, my mother told me that only tender and tender can go to pick, I am absent-minded, I I started picking it. Tea picking was not as simple as I thought. I had to pick and choose. Suddenly, a caterpillar fell into my hand. I shouted: "Oh, there are bugs." I have already thrown the worms on the ground, and the ghosts are still undecided. Oh, my mother, this countryside can be terrible. My mother said: "Awful is only a small shortcoming in the countryside, but more fun." I thought about it carefully. Really, if there is a bad, it will be good. Life is also the same. If you don��t experience the wind and rain, how can you see the rainbow? My mother saw that I was fine, and said, ��Good harvest.�� Suddenly, I saw a large piece of ��tea�� and I immediately Picked up the plastic bag, For a long time, I was much more relaxed, and I was so busy. My mother saw me so much. She had doubts on her mind: "What have you picked?" I said absently: "I still ask? Tea. "Mom came over: "Stupid child, this is the fragrant hoe, not the tea." I suddenly realized, anxious, most of them are Xiangchuntou, what should I do? Mom said: "Choose it, pick it, I It will be distinguished! But now it must be carefully identified." So I began to pick the tea carefully, and we filled the plastic bag and went home. After returning home, Dad began to make tea. Dad first put the picked tea leaves in the pot, and then the high temperature was killed. Dad said that by high temperature, the properties of the enzyme in the fresh leaves were destroyed, and the oxidation of polyphenols was stopped to prevent the leaves from reddening; At the same time, part of the water in the leaves is evaporated to soften the leaves and create conditions for the shape Cigarettes For Sale. Then, of course, it was awkward. I saw that my father broke the blade by hand and turned it into a strip, which was reduced in size. Finally, it is drying. Dad uses a small fire and keeps turning the tea. After this series of procedures, gree
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