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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

Every time I see some old people, my heart will tremble slightly. They gave me an inexplicable intimacy and a sadness that could not be said. On the way to school, I suddenly came across a sly figure. Approaching, is a grandmother, she is very old, the years have carved deep wrinkles on her face, black skin is weather-beaten, turbid old eyes are dull, she wears a worn-out top, washed faded pants On the rough hand, holding a sparkling silver bracelet, the face is desolate Wholesale Cigarettes. The old man passed me by and looked at her emaciated figure, my heart was slammed down. I couldn't help but look back at her. The old man asked every passerby with a hoarse voice: "You have almost no one to look at her in the bracelet, some waved her hand to let her go, and some continued to chat with friends or look down at the phone. Nothing to react. I watched as she walked to the traffic police who stood by the road and chatted, and cautiously asked, only one person was impatient and shouted: "What bracelet, go!" "The old man was trembled and trembled for a moment. Like a child who made a mistake, there was a sadness in his eyes. He walked forward with a small step. Perhaps this bracelet is the most beautiful dowry she ever had, or received. The most beautiful gift, it witnessed the happiest moment of the old man. However, after years of ruthless change, she had to take it out for life. However, she was rejected by the most ruthless indifference. I want to buy the bracelet with money. Next, I hate myself for lack of ability. I want to go over and give a warm smile, but I have been standing there. Looking at the thin back in the high-rise streets Newport 100S, I have the urge to cry Carton Of Cigarettes. I am in elementary school. When I came to school to repair computers, I was deeply impressed by an old man. He was dressed in the same way as an ordinary worker. However, he lost one eye. It should be the left eye. Only the empty eye sockets look terrible. I remember going to the computer classroom on the way, he greeted us, the students looked at him, pointed and whispered. The old man met us, smiled kindly, I looked at his smiling face. He was as amiable as his grandfather. He wanted to touch the child's head. The classmate saw the old man's appearance, screamed and ran away. So everyone ran all at once, as if they had met a monster. I ran with everyone, and when I turned around, I saw the old man standing in the wind and looking at the back of our distance. It was still a kindly smile, but I clearly saw the sadness and bitterness on his face. At that moment, I really want to rush over, accepting his kind touch on my heart is very heavy, a burst of sadness in my heart. I am not a noble person who is sad and sorrowful, I don��t know each other, but when I face these old people, I face The feelings of my loved ones are no different. Why is this? Later, I read an article. The author��s experience and feelings are similar to me. The people have summed up very well. I finally know why I appeared at that time. The inexplicable emotional fluctuations are called "the sentient beings are me, I am the beings".
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