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Life, Wang Yang

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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

Life, Wang Yang, take a leaf boat, dreams of wind and waves. The wind roared, and the boat was overturned. The waves screamed and wanted to blur the route Newport Cigarettes Coupons. At present, when the path and direction are unclear, don't blindly follow the opinions of others, recognize yourself, calmly think, and be good, then realize your own value and live happily. Tao Yuanming, the reader of the five-dollar-waist waist is also a poet. In the dynasty where everyone rushed to read and read the official, he found the sinisterness of the temple in the officialdom. He found that the majestic temple was already a ruin of Huang Zhong��s ruin, and the power of intrigue and power was not reused. The desolate. He calmly thought that the officialdom was not suitable for him, and he had great interest and inspiration for writing poetry. Therefore, resolutely decided to go from the high temple to the far rivers and lakes, alone "collecting the chrysanthemum under the fence, leisurely see Nanshan." be oneself. In the end, he used his deep brushstrokes, excellent literary talents, and wrote many poems that have been flown to this day. Li Bai, the romantic poet who laughs at the poetry. He was born in that charming time, the dark officialdom, he was crowded in the officialdom, and was framed Marlboro Gold. He calmly thought, thinking that in this dark feudal officialdom that is not suitable for him, why not break its bondage to himself, so he felt that he should let the mind linger in the vast world and write the darkness of this era with a pen. So he was alone in water or sorrow. The parrot squatted in the mountains of Tianzhu, pursuing a sigh in this sly water, a kind of unsatisfactory, he laughed at this, "An can destroy the eyebrows and lose power, so that I am not happy. Yan!" Be yourself. In the end, he used his deep brushstrokes to write many great poems that influenced future generations. When you compare with many people, you feel that you are useless. Maybe you will be confused, you will feel inferior, you will doubt, but you have to understand everyone Cheap Cigarettes. There are different places. As long as you have confidence in yourself, recognize yourself, calmly think about the path and direction of your own growth, do yourself well, and then realize your own value, in order to live happily.
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