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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

f my body and mind was swept away. The whole world seemed to be filled with happiness and beauty. It turns out that it is fun to be bitter and to have fun in the bitterness. [The second moonlight shines through the screens into the house, and under the glare of incandescent light, the soft moonlight is more and more stunned. The girl put down the pen in her hand for a long time and looked up. There is no solution to this question. The night sky is deep and bottomless, the moonlight is scattered, and there is a halo around the moon. This scene seems to have not been seen with her for many years. The heavy task sometimes made her breathless, looking back at the last time looking up at the moon, like a world. In the quiet village, what reminds her the deepest is the fragrant scent of the fragrance. At that time, she was crying and screaming at the medicine stove, and said with a look of "desolation": "Grandma, I don't want to drink Chinese medicine, it's so bitter!" Indeed, now she may smell it and she will shun it. Undoubtedly, she always looked cold and her grandmother fanned out the fan fan. The fire in the furnace was burning Marlboro Cigarettes. The black juice in the furnace was accompanied by the dregs rolling, and the bitter taste of the medicine became more and more intense. Seeing a bowl of medicine will become, the expression on her face is gradually sorrowful. I saw my grandmother pick up the medicine stove, extinguished the flame, and poured the medicine into the bowl. The syrup touches the bottom of the bowl and makes a crisp sound. It is good to hear, but when I think of the person who is taking the medicine for a while, she immediately appreciates it. Looking at her grandmother's "big righteousness" look, she grievances and spoiled. "Grandma seems to be unable to endure her. Grandma sighed and turned into the kitchen, opened her hand, and was in the hands of a piece of rock candy. She made up her mind I picked up the medicine bowl and slammed it down. Although this thick and bitter medicine won her more than one impulse to spurt out, but for the belief - that piece of rock candy. She died and swallowed Going down the medicinal juice. When I saw the bottom of the bowl, she threw the bowl away with excitement. Immediately, she picked up the piece of rock sugar and tasted it. The grandmother packed up the medicine bowl and the dregs and looked at it because of the sugar. She is satisfied with her smile, and she smiles softly. From that day on, every day before drinking medicine, Grandma will go to the kitchen to find a piece of rock sugar Cigarettes Online, see her "reluctantly" to finish the medicine, and then put the sugar into her mouth, it seems to have It became a silent tacit agreement between the two grandparents, and she should go back to the city. Looking at the dark ceramic pottery Cheap Cigarettes, she smelled the bitterness of the medicine. She was somewhat disappointed. Drinking a few bowls of bitterness, actually When she feels bitter, but when she is fascinated, her grandmother gives her A pack of rock sugar, "If you feel bitter in the future, you will have a rock sugar. In the sweetness, you will unwittingly take the "bitterness" and turn around and look at it. It will be fun instead of bitterness: she will not I will eat Chinese medicine again. Where does the pain come from? But she did not say it, but silently took the moonlight in front of the window, cast a long black shadow, and took back the memory. Her brow was no longer locked, but she smiled: the bitterness will always be taken away. Do not end up with sweetness, turn around and look again, but it is a bitter memory!
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