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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

I, I can't run... I really can't run." I panted and said to my mother intermittently. Now I have said goodbye to elementary school and walked into the arms of junior high school. Sports became the "four major subjects." "One of them is very important. Therefore, during the summer vacation, my mother will take it every day. I will go to the stadium to practice running. At first, I am full of confidence, thinking: Isn��t it just a run? What is difficult! I am fighting for the high spirits. On the runway, the wind blew over the cheeks, and it was very cool and cool. However, when I ran and ran, I was physically weak, and the throat was like needle-like pain, dry and dry, and extremely uncomfortable. I instinctively stopped. Breathless, tired and unable to straighten. Look up, look forward, God, half circle has not finished running! I am on the ground, like mud. Mother came to me, lifted me up, long-sounding Say: "You just had a fast pace. You should run slowly and adjust your breathing. You won't be physically weak if you don't run like this. Also, if you insist on listening to your mother's words, if I realize it. After a short break, continue to practice. This time, I slowly ran at a constant speed. Stepping forward in rhythm, the arm keeps swinging back and forth. Perhaps it is because of the old exercise. After a lap has not finished running, I am exhausted, my cheeks are hot, my sweat is dripping, my chest is burning with fire, as if I have a layer of red carbon; my legs are sore and painful Cigarettes Online, and I have been filled with lead. Can't lift it up. "I, I can't run... I really can't run..." I panted and said to my mother intermittently. My mother gently patted my back and said, "You are insisting! Work hard, surpass yourself. I look up and look around. Many people are running desperately. Among them, there are children who are as big as me Marlboro Cigarettes. They are red-faced. The sweat soaked their hair and soaked their clothes, but they were like the tireless horses galloping on the runway. Running, I am not running alone; I am suffering, I am not eating alone. Others are working so hard, Why don't I struggle? A firm belief quickly occupies my brain. I stepped on my legs again and ran steady and at a constant speed. Gradually, my eyes were blurred Cheap Cigarettes, sweat filled the clothes, and I put them on my body. Wet, cool, and the hair is wet, squatting on the head. The wind whispers in the ear, reminds me, wants me to stick to the end; the runway fire under the foot is as warm as it gives me strength, I want to work hard I bite my teeth, support, and work hard to open my legs. Finally, I have worn a circle, I have defeated myself! Although running is a chore, but "there is a will, things are done." I insist on pressing on time every day. practice Xi, wind and rain. 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters... one day, two days, three days, one week, two weeks... I insist, I am fighting, I am beyond myself A strong sense of pride emerged, and the blowout was general, full of running, so that I know how to persist. I insisted on defeating myself.
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