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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

I do n��t know the meaning of the song at first, and then I ��m already in the song--the inscription Naihe, I am a listener, cares about my heart, walking on the way back to the Red Mansion, I met Baoyu Daiyu for the first time, and sighed Daiyu buried flowers, Recite her "Funny Flower Word": Hua Xie Hua Fei Fei Fei Tian, ??who is the pity for Hong Xiaoxiang? It is regrettable that a woman in a deep boudoir has such a delicate mind. "Every spring is full of beauty, and the flowers are lost." How ridiculous, she accidentally wrote her own ending. When I saw Baoyu being beaten, the gentle Baodi brought him medicine, but also advised him to change the evil. But as a supporter of feudal etiquette Bao Yu, lonely and upright Dai Yu just cried, but she was not weak and was not silent. She used this to support Bao Yu and fight against feudalism, so the hearts of them were posted. Recently, the deepest, the deepest, and the deepest love is the deep affection that others cannot understand. Sad love, chrysanthemum grave wounds; autumn rain is cool, rain falls unforgettable; farewell, love renews my heartfelt heart I will never forget the scene before Dai Yu ��s death, when no one came to care about her, Zijuan was everywhere Looking for people, but no one cares. Because of bad luck, Jia mother transferred Baoyu's wedding hall elsewhere. What he didn't know was that his girl cried and put on makeup during that magnificent wedding. Some pain can't be explained, I can only hold it until I can forget it slowly. "End of the sky! Where is Xiangqiu?" Daiyu just walked away in Baoyu's wedding laugh, quietly, and left with her love for Baoyu. Baoyu is the eternal warmth in her heart, the only pure land in her heart Newport Cigarettes. But it was also the eternal pain in her heart that she could not forgive him Cigarettes For Sale. Neither turn back, why did not forget Parliament Cigarettes. Since you missed, why not vow. Today, everything looks like water. Jun Xi He Xi, Jun has lost his way. It is better to bury the past in the wind and let the memories play like silent films. At the end of the song, the person has dispersed, and in a blink of an eye, it will become sand between fingers, and it will fall when it blows. Like some people say; there are trees in the mountains, there are trees in the mountains, and the heart is happy. In fact, we already know that that year, that month, then the light has quietly passed away; that love, that love, that acacia, has passed away for thousands of years. The still water is flowing deep and the song is vicissitudes; I can understand everything about Dai Yu, her joy, loneliness, loneliness, expectation and despair. But what I don't know is, in a lonely world, which place is clean and whose heart is kind. Look at the falling flowers and the water, and how many vicissitudes of life. Wandering alone, lost, looking back.
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