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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

That unique sweetness became a taste that I can't forget in my memory. --Inscription When I was young, I lived with my grandparents in my hometown. I remember when I was sitting on a small bench in the courtyard during the Dragon Boat Festival, while listening to my grandmother ��s words, ��I have n��t eaten the Dragon Boat Festival, I ca n��t send my winter clothes; "We must freeze three times", looking expectantly at the grandmother wrapping the sister-in-law skillfully. Every time the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, grandma begins to prepare loquat leaves. A wind mixed with the peculiar flavor of the late spring season was blowing on the face from the winding river, making people unspeakable. My grandmother and my neighbor ��s mother-in-law took me to my side with a bamboo basket and came to the reeds that were in the sky a few days ago. The green reeds were swinging slightly plump happily in the wind. Excitement. After a while, the mothers-in-law were hidden in the reeds, and the grandmother was prevented from taking care of me and was not allowed to go below. I looked up at the rolling reeds on the shore and high ground, listening to the sounds of mother-in-law picking reed leaves and mother-in-law talking loudly. After a while, the mother-in-laws were drilled out of the reed swings. The bamboo basket was piled with wide and long green reed leaves. The night before the Dragon Boat Festival, the grandmother washed the glutinous rice bought in advance and soaked in tiles In the basin. The next morning, the grandmother cleaned the reed leaves, put them in a pot filled with water, boiled them with water, removed them and put them in a wooden bucket filled with cold water for later use. Then, remove the glutinous rice from the pot and fill it with water to drain. The glutinous rice that had been soaked for a night had grown a lot, Shu began to chubby and became fat, and began to pack dumplings. At this time, I was excited to "wow," howling, grandma always smiled at me, Stop my noise. First roll the loquat leaves into a cone shape, and then use a spoon to scoop in the round glutinous rice. I remember once grandmother put a red date in the middle. Grandma said to me that red date is the heart of Xunzi. I believe it is true, every time I eat zongzi and red dates, I still feel a little guilty and feel that I have "killed" a life. Ye Ye jumped happily in Grandma's hands. After several white lines lingering, a triangular green-colored dumpling appeared in front of me. In my urging voice, Grandmother put the dumpling into the steamer, and I watched with almost worshipful eyes The hot air rose from the steamer, and soon the boiler boiled, and I was immersed in the steam filled with the fragrant smell of coriander leaves. In eager anticipation, the sister-in-law was like a gorgeous young woman wearing an emerald gauze dress after bathing in a mountain spring, and came out of the pot with a mist of water. Gently peeling off the simple but colorful leaf of the loquat leaf Marlboro Lights, a white and fat rice ball appeared in front of the eyes. A bite, a scent of loquat leaves, a touch of sweetness of jujube, and the softness of glutinous rice make people's lips and teeth lingering. The aftertaste is endless year after year, which is the unique sweetness that accompanied me for six years. Time. I thought this would last a long time, but I didn't expect that ... when I was in elementary school, my mother would take me away from my grandmother's house. I don't remember the situation when I left. It was just a word from my grandmother that stayed in my heart. "Here, get it ..." After that, my grandmother handed me a big white cloth bag. When I returned home Carton Of Cigarettes, I opened the cloth bag. The familiar emerald green was still in it, and it was unforgettable and sweet Wholesale Cigarettes. After crying for a few years, I had grown into a girl as tall as my grandmother. Looking back, my grandmother with silver silk on her head said to me like she had for many years: "Heart, today, there is a word of your favorite dumplings that reminds me of all the deep memories inside, especially the familiar ones in the courtyard. A touch of sweetness, I can never forget
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