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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

Rabbits are usually a timid and weak animal in people's eyes, and today a book has changed my usual perception of them. The protagonist of the story is a little rabbit named Dot Dot Parliament Cigarettes. In the wasteland jungle with weak meat and strong food, life is fragile and fate is unfortunate. He was unfortunately taken away by the female fox and reduced to a little fox plaything. Facing the dots that are not toys but are like toys The little foxes were very happy to play. They cruelly took away the fluff of the rabbit. They were furious and could not bear the bullying. Then they fought back, biting off the nose of a little fox to escape home, but because of a fox The taste and ugly appearance were disgusted by her mother and siblings. Later, she drove the silver snake outside the cave, protected her family, and wandered to the Astor prairie. After hardships and ordeals, she found happiness and happened to encounter the red one that year. Fox, with its bravery and wit, defeated the cunning foxes and eagles, and became a new generation of rabbit king. Throughout the Chinese and foreign celebrities, they all overcome their shortcomings and succeeded with tenacious perseverance. Helen Keller lived in a silent, lightless world for 87 years. At nineteen months, he suffered blindness and deafness in both eyes due to brain and stomach congestion. She has completed a series of books and is committed to benefiting the disabled and establishing a charity. In 1965, she was named one of the top ten heroes of the 20th century in the United States by Time Magazine. Zhang Haidi, 5 years old, suffered from myelopathy and was paralyzed below the chest. Since then, Zhang Haidi has begun her unique life. She couldn't go to school, so she finished her middle school lessons at home. She also taught acupuncture on her own and provided free treatment to the folks. After learning multiple foreign languages, he worked as a radio repairman. Self-taught college English, Japanese, German, and Esperanto, and pursued university and graduate programs. Facing the cruel fate challenge, Zhang Haidi has not been depressed and perverted, has withstood severe tests, and is full of confidence in life Cigarettes Online. The book is held in the palm of the hand, but the heart is extremely restless. I can't help but think of a television documentary I just saw. The story of the three dwarf girls interviewed on television: due to their inherent short stature, they were ridiculed, indifferent and rejected by their classmates during their growth, suffered from worldly prejudice, Facing injustice, facing all kinds of unbearable blows, they bravely fought against fate, laughed at life with dignity, they harvested true love with tenacious personality, tenacious mind, and grateful heart, and they had their favorite career and lived Wonderful. All this made me understand the truth: being weak doesn't mean that cowardice is for the timid and cowardly me. It is always protected by my family and overly dependent on relatives Marlboro Lights. Today, the behavior of the little bunny has become my example. I want to abandon my shortcomings, learn to face difficulties and challenges, not to be afraid, not to shrink, not to bow my head, learn to cope actively in a sad environment, and work hard to adapt and temper a different me as much as possible.
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