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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

pening the "Paper Frog" book, I only casually read a few lines, and I was deeply fascinated by Chen Mingxiang's story. Chen Mingxiang is an ordinary junior high school student. He experienced good feelings about frogs before being misunderstood because of frogs, but after the experience, he was afraid of frogs. When he saw frogs, he was unconsciously scared and sick. In a biology class, the teacher asked everyone to dissect the frog, and Chen Mingxiang looked afraid to approach, thinking to himself: what to do, this unit is really over. A classmate shook his frog in front of his eyes, and he fainted. After reading this, I couldn't help worrying about Chen Mingxiang. The next biology class was all about frogs. What should he do? Next, the plot reversed. The teacher sent Chen Mingxiang a paper frog to make him dare to correct the frog. I can't help but feel happy for him, this is a breakthrough progress! One year later, many frogs didn't understand the rush of water, and they jumped into the water with a "thump", and I couldn't help but sweat for the frogs. Can the frogs that survived the jump survive? After Chen Mingxiang saw it, after fierce ideological struggle, he endured the disgusting hand to send the frogs across the river Marlboro Lights. Seeing Chen Mingxiang accept the frog step by step, I smiled comfortably as I closed the book, and there was still a lingering image of Chen Mingxiang in my mind. Chen Mingxiang plucked up his courage and faced the thing he was afraid of��the frog, bravely defeated his inner fear and accepted the frog. From this incident, I understand that people need to grow constantly. In the face of their fears and fears, they should also have the courage to face them bravely. Whether we are studying or living, we will encounter many difficulties, but when encountering difficulties or things we are afraid of, we should face up to the difficulties like Chen Mingxiang, courage to face the things we are afraid of, and make ourselves through our own efforts. Do n��t be afraid, you ca n��t give up as soon as you encounter difficulties. Many celebrities, ancient, modern, Chinese, and foreign, just because of persistence, finally won. Qi Baishi liked engraving when he was young. One day he went to visit an old seal engraver. The old seal engraver said, "Go and pick a cornerstone and go home. When this load of stone becomes mud, your seal will be carved." Others Everyone thinks that the old sculptors teased Qi Baishi, but Qi Baishi really picked up a load of foundation stones and carved them day and night. He didn't give up at the beginning, but he never gave up. He carved it seriously, engraved it flat, engraved it again and engraved it, and he had blood bubbles in his hands. He was so engraved and engraved, day after day, year after year, the foundation stones became less and less, while the mud on the ground became more and more thick. In the end, all the basic stones were turned into mud, and the seal of Qi Baishi also reached the state of pure fire. Nobel's most prominent invention was explosives Carton Of Cigarettes. In the process of inventing explosives, he destroyed a laboratory, his brother was killed, his father was maimed, and the great pain of life did not defeat Nobel. He did not Discouraged Cigarettes For Sale, hired a large ship to conduct experiments on Lake Malaren. After hundreds of failures, he finally invented a solid explosive that can be safely transported. "In the face of difficulties, we must overcome it fearlessly. In the face of fear, we must face it bravely, so that we can continue to grow.

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