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ture of cattle far

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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

In the rain of the four seasons, Wei Chunyu is the most loved. The summer rain is too violent, and the wind and rain often flood the river. The autumn rain is like a sorrowful woman in the boudoir, and the tears are always endless. The bitter chill Marlboro Lights. Only Chunyu, a girl at the age of 28, came quietly, quietly, and quietly, so people did n��t see enough and love not enough. But the people in the city and the peasants love Spring Rain differently. Most people in the city put on umbrellas, walked to the park, admired the scenery in the rain, chanted a few poems of Tang and Song, and finally came on the last sentence: "Ah, really beautiful." Farmers Without an umbrella, we were raining all the way, and we went to the field happily��what do we do with an umbrella? It was blasphemy against the rain, drizzle, not hurting people. In the field, he would squat down and look at the crops in the rain, like a long-thirsty himself suddenly drinking water and grinning. In the eyes of farmers, "Spring rain is as expensive as oil". Think about how precious the cooking oil is, but this spring rain is more precious than oil. Because, in the spring, "there is a plough of rain and autumn harvests a lot of food." If you go to the fields in the spring rain Marlboro Cigarettes, you will really feel why farmers love spring rain so much. Don't use an umbrella, melt yourself in the rain in the field, squat down, close your eyes, and feel with your heart, you will recognize the sound of a grass's tender shoots arching out of the ground from the rain, and a wheat seedling Struggling for the sound. Then, you open your eyes and look, a piece of delicate new green floats in the rain, and it looks clear from a distance, but dim at a short distance. It is really "a small rain on Tianjie is as crisp as a grass, and the grass is far away but not close". For the frog still dormant, Chunyu was knocking on the door. Once, and then, knocking on the door continuously, it was impossible. Then came a second or two spring thunder, and finally woke the frog out of sleep. The frog jumped out of the mud hole, stretched a happy lazy waist in the rain, and suddenly jumped into the stream with a splash of water Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The riverside in the rain is beautiful. There are often peach trees near the stream, and a pink peach blossom makes the stream red. Under the peach tree, there are often people fishing. However, Tai sits, has no barley, and no green jacket. At most, he wears a straw hat. What are they afraid of? At this moment, it's not fish, it's rain, it's a peaceful heart in the rain. Some children do n��t even wear straw hats. When they call their mothers in the distance, they should n��t say anything. They watch the fisherman by the river, or fish in the water, or they break the willow branches and make a willow flute. Have fun. There are also hardworking farmers who are still rushing the cattle to plow the fields. The whip is crisp and the cow is shouting. The drizzle drizzled this picture of cattle farming and added a different kind of painting. Behind the peasants, the newly-cultivated soil rolled, like waves of waves rolling in the sea, with a fresh breath. The rain in the rural spring night is even more beautiful. Ye Jingyu Xiaoxiao, a couple of two, sitting and drinking, a plate of wild vegetables picked from the field during the day, a plate of peanuts, and slowly, gently said that what was said in the daytime ����Not in a hurry, the night is long. The rain outside the window was dripping, and what they heard at the moment was the sound of the hope of flourishing in the rain, the sound of spring blossoms all over the world
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