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snail's tentacles

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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

In the past, I always faced difficult problems. It's like a hamster digging into the road and digging in until it meets the light, the courage to move forward in his bones, without fear. But as the knowledge I learned became difficult, the courage to move forward faded away Cheap Cigarettes, as if I was caught in darkness, and I lost my direction to move forward. I was tied up by the exercises and review materials on the table, and closed my brows. Keep an eye on the test paper and turn the pen endlessly. I sighed weakly and looked out the window. The sky was late, the sun was setting in the dark gray clouds, and a series of rays of light appeared in the dark gray clouds, sometimes appearing, sometimes hidden, just like a green dill, showing the way of trying to grow upward. At the bottom of the pot, there is a little brown snail that can not be ignored, carrying a heavy "home", slowly moving around, trying to move forward, I am quite interested in it. Seeing it so persistent, a trace of jealousy appeared in my heart. Touch the snail's tentacles with a pen, trying to hinder it from moving forward. Then, the snail retracted its high tentacles and its head shrank inwards. Stay still and stop moving. I succeeded in conspiracy, smugly, and glanced at the snail with disdain: But this is the ability! This thought was broken by the snail's next move, crushing bones. The snail didn't even bother with my teasing, the head seemed to be raised higher, straighter, and speeded up, as if going forward to the destination as if to say: No matter how huge the food is Cigarettes Online, even without the courage to go forward, it is useless. , Ashamed. I cleared my head and recalculated, "This? That? That's not right." On the draft paper, it rained heavily on the outside of the Dragon Dance House, and a drop of raindrops was on the tree, on the ground, on the test paper. Through the dense layers of rain curtains, I searched for the snail and searched carefully, only to find that it wanted to move forward on the balcony on the second floor, and let the wind and rain hit it, and the small body burst out of the courage that my behemoth did not have. The snail inspires me again, I will list the questions and think about it, and keep moving forward, using courage to overcome the so-called dhe snail. It was still moving. Behind it was a long milky track that was not washed away by the wind and rain. Although for me the trajectory is only ten steps away. But it is a trajectory enough to prove the courage of the snail. The warm water-like sunlight poured on the ground Marlboro Lights, and the milkits destination and disappeared. The moonlight is as thick as a glass of wine, and then the moonlight looks far ahead, and it is endless darkness. This darkness is like a difficulty. It requires me to have the courage to go forward. The courage to return to me. Also fearles
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