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ylqylq --- 2 years ago -

Everyone's choice is different, maybe I chose not the best, but what I want to say is my choice, as long as I like it, it is the best, the best-the person who failed to say anything in the world It ��s not fair Cheap Cigarettes, good people are right no matter what they do, good, and their choices must be correct, and excellent people say that everyone ��s choices are equal and have the same rights, To have a beautiful life depends on how they use it. A beautiful life is not a complaint, but a hard work by yourself. I remember Huxley once said that time is the least favored Marlboro Red, and it is 24 hours for anyone. Time is fair, it is the same for everyone, but how to use power is in our hands. Some choices are melodious and magnificent, just like the distinction between the Western Chu overlord Xiang Yu and Yu Ji on the Wujiang River. Choosing to be tough and lingering is like Li Qingzhaosheng being a master, and death is also a sing-song for Guixiong. Some choices are sorrowful and joyful, just like Fan Zhongyan's vows of worrying and worrying about the world and joyful and joyful world afterwards. Their choices have achieved their unique and beautiful life. Everyone expects to have a beautiful life, but there is more than one path to a beautiful life. The key to how to choose is to see how we choose. We must choose what suits us and what we like, so that people can shine brightly. When I was facing difficulties, I chose to stand up and face the difficulties, so as to overcome the difficulties and win praise from the world. As Beethoven said, I want to hold my throat of fate, do not succumb to fate, and stand up as bravely as he, overcome all difficulties, with compassion for others, and a thorough understanding of society, to win Praise, own the whole world. When I was addicted to the online world, a news woke us up. Let me choose to put down my mobile phone. The female senior high school students were interviewed and persuaded to start the live broadcast. She showed the class schedule and wrote: Except for language, history, and English classes, live broadcasts are available at all other times. In public places such as classrooms, minors are even more difficult to take care of and protect the legal rights of others, and may affect the physical and mental health of young people. Learning should be the priority in school, and learning and growth are the most important. I can't let the Internet erode, so I chose to put down my phone and resolutely resist bad culture. Let learning achieve your own beautiful future and let ourself grow continuously. Maybe the choice is difficulty, but we insist on choosing to walk on the path of dreams, or it is covered with thorns, or it is full of difficulties, but we are persistent in our pursuit, not forgetting our original intentions, being happy in choice, and insisting that the ruler is shorter Often, everyone has their own unique advantages and their own disadvantages. The god of luck always favors those who are good at discovering and using their advantages to choose the most suitable for themselves and make the right life choices. Walk on a bright road . Choosing a beautiful life may not be the best in the eyes of others, but as long as you like it Parliament Cigarettes, it is the best! Make every choice in life, in order not to regret in the future, just because I like my choice, I like my choice
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