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ylqylq --- 3 years ago -

Beethoven only created amazing works because of his expectation of music; Song Lian overcomes all kinds of difficulties because of his expectation of knowledge; He will work harder and win the Olympic bid. Everyone has expectations, the child grows healthily under the expectation of the mother; the fledglings fly proudly in the blue sky under the expectation of the pro-bird; the sunset will have the expectation, and the life will be drawn on the sky With the expectation, it will sway its hope in the next morning. If the ideal is a person's soul, then the expectation is the motivation to chase the ideal! Catching up with the sun is the expectation of the father, filling the East China Sea is the expectation of Jingwei, I am the expectation of my mother, and at this time, I also have an expectation in my heart, that is, leading the team members to make progress together and board the honor list Cheap Cigarettes. Two weeks ago, we carried out classroom reforms, and the whole class competed among groups to improve students ��learning enthusiasm and initiative. I was appointed as the leader of the group to build a perfect plan in my mind, but due to the group members The lack of cooperation caused my plan to break before it was implemented. A week later, I thought I was performing well, but gave me a head start at the moment I announced the results Marlboro Gold. "Success is not only in the future, but from the moment you decide to do it, it's accumulated." Suddenly, I remembered the words of my mother. This sentence seems to have a kind of divine power that has increased my confidence Parliament Cigarettes. In my heart, there is always a pursuit and a hope. So, in the new week, I work hard, struggle, encourage, support, just for the hope in my heart. Time is passing by like a broken arrow, and it's time to announce the results again. I hope that we will gain something. However, we are "walking in place" and learning is like sailing against the current. I dare not go to the Hall of Fame with others. Some team members are talking coldly, others are complaining and ironic. This kind of extinguishing me and growing others' ambitions make me a little sad. After school, I was the only one left in the classroom, but I couldn't help watching the Hall of Fame because I had an expectation. I watched carefully, and a smile flickered at the corner of my mouth. At this time, I was not ashamed by the rankings, achievements and titles, but rejoiced for the progress and expectations in the process! Because of the expectation, I will never give up on our team. It will always be a dream before departure and a challenge after going on the road! Because of the expectations, I hope there will be challenges and storms; because of the expectations, I am full of hope for the group, making me more confident; because of the expectations, we will grow better; because of the expectations Hope, we will shout out loud: "I can do it!" Because with the expectation, we will become the pinnacle
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