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I joined this crazy place on 2009-02-06, 12 years ago.

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This time, I'm blaming the mom. GRRRR - 12 years ago

If someone came at me, cussing and telling me I'd better control my kid, I probably wouldn't apologize either. Agreed. They would've been escorting me out for smacking them! I think po...

golf - 12 years ago

Golf is not a sport. Well IMO anyways. Now mini golf is another story! LOL! I love me some mini golf!!!

POLL: Who has recieved sexully explicit Messages from FGIALC? - 12 years ago

I can honestly say he never has. Not that I'd want him to either. I'm happily married and he's NOT my type anyways!

Don't know if this has been posted but.. - 12 years ago

That guy is a douche bag!

How can I get my sons shots...if Ped is 30days backed up! - 12 years ago

That might be how you got in Julie...if you call early in the AM, you normally get in same day, but for an appointment, you normally have to wait... I've been here 3 yrs and never had a pr...

POLL: What branch of service.... - 12 years ago

Prior service Army (me) and AD Army (hubby).

How can I get my sons shots...if Ped is 30days backed up! - 12 years ago

On another note....thanks for the warning. I just tried to call about my daughters 12 month well baby, though it's not due till the end of October, and they said they are taking names and numbers. ...

Lookie Here~! YES, you. - 12 years ago

My husband and I NEVER go out! Seriously. You know what though. I don't care. I'm happy to spend time together as a family and content knowing they are safe with us. We can go out when they're old...

massage therapy - 12 years ago

No. My hubby is a registered massage therapist (got licensed before he joined the military). Couldn't find a decent paying job to save his life in that career field. Maybe it is a good job if y...

What Do You Miss Most? - 12 years ago

Has it been 4 days yet? Nope. We leave Saturday :)

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