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I joined this crazy place on 2009-07-02, 11 years ago.

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Troy University? Masters? - 10 years ago

Great, thanks! Yes, I've chosen their MS IR program, the only face-to-face Master's they have right now. How did you go about ordering their books? Classes are about to start soon, and I'm not sure...

Troy University? Masters? - 10 years ago

Hi. I have not heard of Troy til I got here? Is it a good/reputable university? I'm planning of pursuing my graduate studies, and it seems there are only 2 universities (Phoenix and Troy) that offer ...

POLL: Census 2010 - 10 years ago

We got one a few days ago just before we left the US. It says to submit only if you're stateside on April 1st. yes, they do census with institutions like the military, that means we're in :)

teachers? - 11 years ago

hi. are there any teachers out there, either with the DoDEA or with a private/local institution (such as ESL)? how has your experience been so far? we're moving to okinawa very soon and i'm thinking o...

Tips? Advice? - 11 years ago

ok, will that check out

Tips? Advice? - 11 years ago

ok, sounds reasonable..have you heard any word of opening a marine base in Guam soon or 'moving' Oki there?

Tips? Advice? - 11 years ago

And do you have your no-fee passport? You need to get that ASAP! oh..what's a no-fee passport? and do you know why they're encouraging us to live on base?

Tips? Advice? - 11 years ago

ok, we definitely won't be bringing one i think..will focus on taking care of our first baby for now..and yep, the space, from what i've read, i can see that's something to adjust to..

Tips? Advice? - 11 years ago

great tips, NikkiB..thanks!

Tips? Advice? - 11 years ago

oh ok, will start downsizing then esp with a baby coming, we will need space for baby stuff...Thanks, boone

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