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I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-29, 13 years ago.

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Hello! My name is Alyssa, I'm 26, married to an awesome man, James. We have two daughters, Kate will be 5 in June and Julia is 21/2.

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Langley VA? - 12 years ago

I believe they are building or have built new housing. The four bedrooms outside of the base are really old, but spacious. The good thing about the Hampton Roads area is there is TONS of shopping and ...

Bad Day - 12 years ago

he passed I'm so sorry to hear that.

Morning after pill - 12 years ago

I find it humorous that BigWife edits the word "f^uck" but will threaten to run over kids. Hmmmm..

OMG!!!! - 12 years ago

I don't know their story, but I'm super excited for you. Congrats!

toys r us - 12 years ago

Toys R Us on Oki sucks, overpriced with limited selection, imo. Especially this time of year. I usually order toys off of and only purchase from Target or Amazon, not any of the...

Annoyance of The Day. - 12 years ago

Husband gone and PCS preparation.

Somehow I didn't see this on the search engine (xmas lights) - 12 years ago

We use 1/2" Hardwall Hangers for our Christmas lights. You can pick them up in the hardware department inside the PX/BX.

Where did I mess up? - 12 years ago

Dom, babies go through growth spurts around 6 weeks which might be contributing to his crankiness. Another suggestion is to rule out gas, feel his tummy, if it hard, massage it, pump his legs or lay h...

- 12 years ago

Oh and his 3rd choice is Grand Forks, North dakota! BRRRRR that is all i can say. (-70 in the winter at times) We were stationed at Grand Forks AFB for 2 years, I NEVER want to go back and...

i know... - 12 years ago

its at the teen center..if they are FCC certified they will have a certificate and if they cant show you well there is your answer..go to the teen center on kadena Do you mean Red Cross Ce...

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