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♠ Lion's Pride ♠

I joined this crazy place on 2009-08-11, 13 years ago.

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I'm 28, a Marine, a student with PSU, someone's best friend, someone's daughter, and most importantly I am me. If you can't handle that, tough love. "Life sucks. Your life sucks more than most. It's not as bad as some, which is depressing all by itself." House MD

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TCCOR 1-R.. REALLY?? ? - 11 years ago

The typhoon is rather boring here on Futenma. Major let down.

TCCOR 1-R.. REALLY?? ? - 11 years ago

Slow down grasshopper. I am not in the least bit worried. I am just the type of individual that likes to be informed vs. ignorant.

TCCOR 1-R.. REALLY?? ? - 11 years ago

[i]I can tell you everything you need to know: 1) There is a typhoon headed this way. 2) It will be windy and rainy. Is it that important to know EXACTLY when the typhoon is going to hit? I'm pret...

Favorite music/Band of all time? - 12 years ago

What music do you like?> Mostly rock, but a little bit of everything to an extent. Who are you devoted too? Elton John, Dave Matthews, Marilyn Manson All time favorite song.. Elton ...

GoldCanyon candles - 12 years ago

I am trying to switch from Yankee candles, but some of the stuff seems expensive Gold Canyon is soooooo much better than Yankee. It's worth the switch.

GoldCanyon candles - 12 years ago

I have, and I have a few. LOVE them Ditto, but mine are in the states. =(

did you know ... - 12 years ago

And here is the fine information that just passed in the House last night. • Reducing the fine for individuals who do not purchase coverage from $750 to $695. • Increasing the fine on large comp...

did you know ... - 12 years ago

OH WAIT!!! nevermind... it was BUSH. A democrat paid down the deficit after the first Bush.. another will clean it up this time too. We're out of money people! George Bush went into a false war n...

Marine Drill Instructor - 12 years ago

Your husband will get cut TAD orders to the school. When school is done they will issue PCS orders. He will come back here, check out and head back to either San Diego or Parris Island. It is wise for...

POLL: Will you sign my CD? - 12 years ago

You don't need a year book. You're going to hate everyone you're in school with by the time you're out of highschool anyway. I second this.

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