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POLL: Are u or your Spouse Snipped or Tied?

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POLL: Are u or your Spouse Snipped or Tied?

Just curious I am pregnant and this will be our 5th baby, I am getting my tubes tied after I deliver this one and my hubby is getting snipped also. It is a decision we both came to on our own and together and we both agree we are done. SO I am just curious if other have had it done and what was your experience good/bad etc

Both spouses Snipped and Tied Vote
 0.0% (0)
Tubes Tied Vote
 18.2% (6)
Snipped Vote
 15.2% (5)
Neither yet but plan to when we are done Vote
 66.7% (22)
notmuchlonger --- 12 years ago -

I am going to get tied at the same time as this last delivery! Two birds with one stone. 

Pissy Missy --- 12 years ago -

THe dr. tried to talk me out of getting my tubes tied. I was almost 25 and just had my 3rd child. I told him I was serious. He made me wait a couple of weeks to come back and I told him the same thing and then he set me up an appt to have it done. He also said 100% of the time women who have their tubes tied before they ar e30 regret it. I cant wait to go back to TX to tell him I have yet to change my mind. 

lilmama --- 12 years ago -

My hubby got snipped 2 months ago here on Kadena after being on the wait list for over a year :( As if the 4 kids we had wasn't enough! I think they were waiting so see if we had #5! LOL! 

lilloudymouth --- 12 years ago -

Its so much easier and way less evasive for the man to get it done. They used to tie womens tubes right after she gave birth but because of the risk of hemorrhaging they no longer do that. You have to get it done 6 weeks later. A guy goes in, it takes about 30 mins and they are layed up for 24 hrs with a bag of frozen veggies on their testicles. After that they just need to take it easy for a day or two. My husband had it done and said it really wasnt bad at all. He didnt even swell up or anything. It is soooooo much easier for the guy to do it. 

Christine --- 12 years ago -

i want to have one more baby then i will have my tubes tied and he will be getting fixed we don't need a oops moment lol! 

InYoFace --- 12 years ago -

Hubby's getting cut after 2 

Jamie0916 --- 12 years ago -

I really don't want either of us to get anything permanent done. But I tell my husband it's HIM getting something done. ;) Were a long way from anything permanent anyways. Just had our first. 

LeavinOkiIn09 --- 12 years ago -

how come neither or never isn't an option? I don't want to do anything that permanent. What if we have 3 kids and then get something done and decide a few years later we want another one? I don't think I ever want either of us to get anything permanantely snipped or tied 

I ♥ Oki --- 12 years ago -

ok me personally i would get him fixed >>>> I got my tubes tied and have had nothing but problems (hence non stop bleeding for months now ) And ya i have went to kadena and instead of doin an exam they want to guess and say its just my hormones and put me on b/c....I didnt get my tubes tied to be on b/c LOL but thats a whole new post. i just highly recommend him getting snipped ! 

crystal --- 12 years ago -

I got my tubes tied at 22 with my second child . I am 27 now and I have regreted it since day 1 . I am hoping we can save the money to have them untied soon . 

Troublemaker --- 12 years ago -

I will be getting sbipped. Funny thing is I wanted to get snipped since I was 16. When I was 18 and 19 I tried to get snipped but no doctor would perform it. I have 2 kids now and 2 is definitly more than enough for me. I will be getting snipped. 

lizhimin --- 5 years ago -

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huangqing --- 5 years ago -

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