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POLL: When Drinking at home

who's talking here?

Tanner 1
Lizzie Borden 5
norm 1
NikkiB 1
Nobia 1
Mom of 4 by 24 1
Mary Von 1
hopefloats 1
♠ Lion's Pride ♠ 1

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POLL: When Drinking at home

do you?

Drink alone. Vote
 9.7% (3)
With Friend(s) Vote
 6.5% (2)
Spouse Vote
 22.6% (7)
Play games with friends/spouse Vote
 38.7% (12)
Cant remember Vote
 0.0% (0)
Have Biatch sessions Vote
 0.0% (0)
or laugh at OU/OYS Vote
 3.2% (1)
all the above Vote
 19.4% (6)
Lizzie Borden --- 12 years ago -

do you? 

hopefloats --- 12 years ago -

don't drink at all.. hmm don't see that answer. 

Nobia --- 12 years ago -

Drinking home alone :( 

Lizzie Borden --- 12 years ago -

I am all of the above.. depends..on the day... 

MOMZ --- 12 years ago -

If I drink at the house it will be with friends and hubby playing poker. We hardly drink though. 

NikkiB --- 12 years ago -

I don't drink :-P Usually when my hubby is drinking we are playing games with the neighbors. 

norm --- 12 years ago -

definitely all of the above... depends on the mood, lol... just a few more months and we can imbibe again, lol 

Mary Von --- 12 years ago -

with hubby.. 

FGIALC --- 12 years ago -

I'm an alcoholic so I drink alone. 

Lizzie Borden --- 12 years ago -

I'm an alcoholic so I drink alone. So if you drink with someone you are not an alocholic??? :) 

Lizzie Borden --- 12 years ago -


♠ Lion's Pride ♠ --- 12 years ago -


Lizzie Borden --- 12 years ago -

Because then it's social drinking. Ohhh... Ok... 

Mom of 4 by 24 --- 12 years ago -

i can drink with or without my husband as long as i'm at home with all my kids sleeping but then i don't get overly drunk lol.. i drink just to have a buzz so i get some good sleep.. 

Tanner --- 12 years ago -

Very rare that we drink, we get to see all the people around us and it just reinforces us to take the money we would spend on alcohol and put it in the savings account . There's many other things in life I'd rather have than a hangover ! 

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